What you need to know about Swiss health insurance comparison sites

Compulsory insurance (KVG / LaMal) health insurance premiums will increase by an average of 6.6% in 2023. Some states will raise it further.

For example, Neuchâtel (+9.5%), Appenzell Innerrhoden (9.3%) and Ticino (9.2%) will have the highest premiums above the national average.

Residents of Zurich receive a 7% increase in insurance premiums.

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Decisions to switch to another carrier must be made by November 30th, so many policyholders may be looking for cheaper rates now.

Various sites in Switzerland offer a “comparison” of rates offered by different insurance companies so that consumers can choose the best option for themselves.

However, as recently consumer report According to RTS Public Broadcaster, “These sites are not always reliable and results vary from platform to platform.”

The report analyzed 16 such platforms.

However, “Despite their appearance, the nine platforms in question are not comparable. They simply aim to collect user data and often use it to transmit to brokers who can offer insurance. ,” reports the RTS.

Who are the worst “criminals”?

RTS identified three: comparativecaisse, OffresCaisse, and

According to the report, the Groupe Mutuel insurance company is “hiding behind each of these sites.”

After the broadcast, Groupe Mutuel took these websites down and brought them back online with a modified version.

“We have requested an external marketing agency to immediately overhaul the relevant website. This will make the content clearer and avoid confusion,” the company said, adding, “To avoid any misunderstandings. I may have invited you,” he apologized to the consumer.


There is no actual evidence, only suspicion, that companies are providing flawed comparisons for their own benefit, but “a platform that is supposed to represent multiple or all insurers only represents one If so, there may be fraud.” according to to the National Economic Secretariat (SECO), which oversees these activities;

In fact, Groupe Mutuel is not the only carrier found to be involved in this practice.

“When these sites are run by brokerage firms, we know they have contracts with certain health insurance companies that need to attract new customers for a variety of reasons.” Said Yannis Papadaniel, Head of Health, FRC Consumer Federation, said:

“These platforms highlight insurance products contracted by brokers. However, these products or models are not necessarily the ones that best meet the needs of customers,” he added.

In other words, they are not only inaccurate, they are biased.

Who can you trust?

However, not all such platforms are deceptive.

this official government site has up-to-date and accurate information about various rates.

Also, FRC’s online comparator site Trustworthy and fair.

two consumer platforms, compare When Bonusthere are also insurance company advertisements, but they are also a useful source of information.

Both, however, inform consumers that these are paid advertisements and are not their own recommendations.

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