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When is the last day to exchange old Qatar banknotes? -Doha News

Note: Please exchange the 4th edition of Qatar banknotes by December 31st.

Qatar’s banks issued a reminder on Tuesday calling on everyone to change old Qatar banknotes before December 31, 2021. This is because older versions of the Qatari currency will no longer be accepted.

The Qatar Central Bank (QCB) announced the fifth series of banknotes at the end of last year on December 18, 2020, National Foundation Day.

Watermark colors and designs have changed, and watermarks and security features have been added. In addition, the 200 Qatari riyal banknote was introduced for the first time.

The front design of the new notebook is inspired by traditional geometric patterns, the gates representing Qatar’s architecture, and the province of Qatar, while the back design focuses on Islamic history, Qatar tradition, economic and educational development. I am.

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“Old banknotes must be exchanged before the dates above. In addition, old notes can be deposited at QNB ATMs, ITMs and bulk deposit machines,” QNB said in its official Twitter account.

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