When the world never ends

[Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP]

Prophets and false prophets were usually the end of the day, calling nightmarish visions and ancient apocalyptic texts that could eventually be deciphered. But recently, it was foretold by the media, and on May 9, Reuters said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had “the worst day to the west” during an event commemorating the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in 1977. Before saying that it was expected to send a “warning”, Monday.

When the report was reproduced many times in foreign and Greek media, speculation adopted a tone of certainty, and the apocalypse was a decade when the world ended at 1:13 pm on December 21, 2012. I’ve known invisible glory ever since. Proclamation by ancient Mayan. The world didn’t end, and humanity didn’t-although we’re clearly determined to finish the job.

A parade on Monday at the Red Square in Moscow, the heavy weapons display weighed heavily on our souls, but Putin did not warn of the end and officially announced his “special operation” in Ukraine. Did not declare war. After all, how does he need rhetoric when his jets and cannons do such a literal job? Unfortunately, he also did not declare the end of the war. His best friend, Victor Oban, must have been given false information a few days ago when the Russian president told Pope Francis on May 9 that he would call for the end of hostilities.

A good Christian like Putin, who knows the Bible inside out and devoutly supports its teachings, says that “the end of the world” is not only how the Gospel of Matthew ends, but while Jesus is still on this earth. I know that it is also the last word that was spoken. These are so important words that they are also part of the mystery of baptism. “I’m always with you. Until the end of the era.”

For a faithful person, the end of each day is a matter of God. For scientists, it is nature, the universe, that decides. Of course, if the word humanity could be used to describe such a reckless, greedy, arrogant, and violent being, both, and everyone in between, would probably agree that humanity could appease both. Will do. When the world never ends

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