Where and how to get Omicron’s new vaccine in Germany

What is Omicron’s vaccine?

At the latest stage of the Covid pandemic, the Omicron variant was the most prevalent variant globally. Omicron is believed to cause a milder disease course than previous variants like Delta, but is known to be highly contagious and adept at evading the body’s immune response. .

In September, three Omicron vaccines received EU-wide approval. Two vaccines, BioNTech and Moderna, are compatible with the BA.1 subspecies, while another of BioNTech’s Omicron boosters protects against the dominant BA.4 and BA.5 subspecies.

Like previous Covid vaccines, BioNTech and Moderna’s latest vaccines are mRNA vaccines. This is a recently developed type of vaccine that teaches our body to generate an immune response when exposed to molecules known as messenger RNA. The difference is that these vaccines are known as “bivalent”. That is, these vaccines contain both the original strain of Covid and the BA.1, BA.4, and BA.5 Omicron subtypes, respectively.

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This means it is designed to provide protection against Covid caused by previous variants and new Omicron subtypes.

Like other Covid vaccines, the Omicron vaccines are only thought to offer better protection from infection after getting the jab. It is suggested that it continues to provide excellent protection.

Where is the jab deployed in Germany?

So far, only a handful of states in northern Germany offer the new BA.4 and BA.5 vaccines, but GPs have been able to order Moderna’s BA.1 vaccine for several weeks. increase.

One of the first states to offer the latest Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine is Berlin, where both the doctor’s office and the Ring Center Vaccination Center in Friedrichshain are offering the Omicron vaccination from Tuesday.

You can find a list of clinics with specially adapted vaccine dosages here (in German). Alternatively, you can go to the next vaccination clinic. ring center Daily from 9am to 7:30pm with or without reservation.

In Lower Saxony, general practitioners now have up to 240 doses of the new BA.4/BA.5 vaccine available from Pfizer/BioNTech. Immunization centers such as his Impfzentrum am Landtag in Hannover also offer new vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.

About 145 mobile vaccination teams are also expected to receive new doses of vaccine during the week. In shopping malls, boulevards, etc.

In Bremen, Pfizer’s latest BA.4/BA.5 adapted vaccine has been used as a standard booster at many vaccination centers since Thursday. For those interested, the Omicron vaccine is available at the vaccination centers Am Brill, Bremen-Nord, Bremen-Ost and Bremerhaven. Mobile vaccination teams have also received new doses of vaccine.

Due to current high demand, we recommend booking in advance at

Pfizer/BioNTech Omicron vaccine doses are expected to be rolled out in other German states in the coming weeks.

Are new vaccines recommended for everyone?

On September 20, the German Standing Committee for Vaccines (STIKO) updated its guidance to recommend that physicians use the latest Omicron vaccine when administering booster jabs.

That means people who haven’t had their third dose of Covid vaccine should be able to get the Omicron booster as standard soon.

However, STIKO now recommends a second booster (or fourth jab) only for certain groups at risk of a severe course of Covid: people over 60, nursing home residents , nursing home and hospital staff, and people with pre-existing immune system defects.

According to STIKO, for this group, the fourth dose should be given at least 6 months after the third dose. This can be shortened to 4 months by him in exceptional circumstances.

People who do not fit into any of these categories may still be able to get one of the latest Omicron vaccines after consulting with their doctor.

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