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Where can I get a COVID test in Qatar? -Doha News

What kind of tests are available and when and which test should I use?

There are basically two categories of tests available in Qatar: PCR tests, and antigen tests (often called rapid tests, which also include self-test kits).

What test should I take?

The advantage of rapid antigen testing is that it is fast, relatively inexpensive, and reliable at home and at the testing center, where you can immediately see if the virus has spread. PCR tests are more sensitive and identify infections faster, but they take longer to get results. Both tests are useful, but with a rapidly spreading variant like Omicron, rapid testing can help someone isolate more quickly and prevent others from becoming infected.

“Protecting older people from the virus is very important. As people get older, their immune system becomes weaker and more susceptible to infections,” said Hanadi al-Hamad, director of medicine at Lumaira Hospital. I am.

While PCR testing is more effective at detecting viral load, it puts a strain on Qatar’s health sector, making it more difficult to process PCR testing as quickly as it used to be. Authorities have set priorities for protecting the most vulnerable people in the community. For example, the elderly and people with pre-existing health that can cause serious complications if infected with the virus.

Where do you get the PCR test? What if I’m planning a trip?

The Ministry of Health (MoPH) has announced that PCR tests at Ruyle’s drive-through center have signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and are free for people over the age of 50 who are in close contact with confirmed cases. Did. For preoperative patients regardless of age. Available from 8am to 10pm, it only offers PCR tests.

Those planning a trip can also use the drive-through facility at the cost of QR160, but they will need to provide proof of travel and pay by credit card. Cash payments are not allowed.

You must also present a valid health card and green Ehteraz status to take the test.

MoPH also added that the drive-through center does not support post-travel COVID-19 testing. Instead, returning travelers can have a rapid antigen test at a well-licensed private or public medical center when they return to Qatar.

How long does the PCR test result take?

The results of the PCR tests performed will be delivered within 24-48 hours. However, it may take some time. The person will receive the link via SMS and will be able to print the test results via the patient portal.

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What should travelers returning to Qatar have?

Travelers returning to Qatar who need to undergo a COVID-19 test after returning to Qatar must take the Rapid Antigen Test (not PCR) at an accredited medical center. ..

Where can I get a rapid antigen test?

Rapid antigen testing is available at over 100 private hospitals and clinics in Qatar at a cost of 50 QR per test. Test results in a private center are usually delivered within 15 minutes. Rapid antigen testing is available at all 28 PHCC health centers. The results will be sent to the individual via SMS within 2 hours of the test and the results will be reflected in the Ehteraz app within 4 hours after the test. Rapid antigen testing at the PHCC Health Center will be charged at the following rates: QR50 for individuals who have not been vaccinated for work or school purposes. QR50 for post-travel testing. Eligible people who have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or who have had close contact with infected cases are free of charge.

There are also quick tests that you can take at home. Self-tests are available at accredited pharmacies and Almira hypermarkets throughout Qatar. MOPH sets a maximum cost of QR35 per test and has a limit of 10 tests per person per transaction. However, the results of home tests cannot be reflected in Ehteraz and will not be recognized by airlines or public authorities.

For more information, Ministry of Health website..


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