Which industry has the most content knowledge?

The fields of electronics, medicine and finance are said to be the most content-savvy, but are practitioners in these fields happy with their work environment? Unfortunately the answer is negative!

After all, it’s much easier to make fun of social phenomena than to propose solutions. There are so many nonsense comments that anyone can be a TV commentator. My friends often said that they admired the electronics industry, so the complaints of people in the electronics industry may not be the industry itself. Rather, it may stem from the fact that Taiwanese people are not better able to organize their lives, or from common practices in the business world that hinder our quality of life.

Taiwanese are often picky when dealing with local businesses, and their top priority in dealing is to keep prices down. An employee who fails to negotiate a price for his company is considered incompetent. Product/service specifications and quality are rarely a priority. Taiwanese will say that the companies they least want to do business with are Taiwanese companies. So the problem may not necessarily be your boss, but your client or supplier.

People’s dissatisfaction with the work environment is not about the industry they work in, but about the overall environment and attitudes. Switching to another industry may not improve. An electrical engineer with a PhD might not be happy quitting the electronics industry to start his restaurant business. The problem isn’t just about serving customers in restaurants. The big problem could be further upstream in his chain of supply.

Who do you buy chickens from? Every time my neighbors bring me vegetables that they have grown themselves, they tell me that they can eat them with confidence because they eat them themselves. It sounds like it’s okay to use excess chemicals if the vegetables are sold to others. However, the electronics industry basically has similar problems in different industries, so I think it’s easy to predict.

Taiwan has 800 listed electronics companies with total revenue expected to reach US$1 trillion in 2022. On the negative side, the bottom line of the success of these companies is the hard work and sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of workers. Even better, the electronics industry is the foundation of Taiwan. We are a socially responsible industry and everyone should be proud to be a part of it.

If you really feel that this industry isn’t good, take a step back and tell yourself that other industries aren’t necessarily good. The main problem may not be the industry itself, but yourself. Which industry has the most content knowledge?

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