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of Jurye 2022, average gross profit It was 6,Four05 Ray, When 8 leMe (0.1%) low than those registered in June 2022, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS). average pure earsNings It was 3,97Five Ray, a bit andclairesing compared to the previous month, When 2 Ray (0.1%).
Highest Average Net Income recorded in computer programming, consultant When Related activity (include information service actionactivity) (9,549 lray), in the meantime of lowest of Accommodation and food service activities (2,273 Ray).

Revenue changes during the year were primarily determined by annual premium grants. Holiday bonus (December, March, April). These are impacting increases or decreases depending on the situation. the period for which they are granted, fUltimately, it leads to smoothing out fluctuations in monthly income all year round.
The evolution of real income depends on both changes in average net income and inflation. rate.

Jurye 2022 compared to Jurye 2021
compared to Jurye Average Net Income Last Year offold 12.1%.
real income index1 was 97.Five% of Jurye 2022 in relation to Jurye 2021. The real income index is 99.0% of Jurye 2022 Conversely June 2022. Compared to October 1990, the real income index is 221.6%, To 2.1 percentage poiNT low than what is included in June 2022.

Jurye 2022 compared to June 2022
of Jurye 2022, of Majority of activities belonging to the economic sector2the level of average net income gain Occasional Bonuses (Quarterly, byall year round all year Also for performance Bonus), in-kind benefits and other benefits;Mounts from net income and other funds (including value tickets). Also, the increase in average net income is Higher production performance or receipt level (varies by contract/project).

most significant increase on averageage net income At the section/division level of NACE Rev.2 in the meantime It is logged as:
To 6.6% of Warehousing and transportation support activities;

while Four.0% When 6at .0% Mining support service activity, electric, gas, steam, air conditioningsupply, clothing manufacturing, Repair and installation of machines and equipment, crops and animals production, hunting and related service activities, air transportation, Other mining and quarrying;

while 2.0% When Four.0% of Forestry and logging (Ltd.luding fishing and aquaculture), scientific research and development, Extraction of crude oil and natural gas, Manufacture of leather and related products, Printing and playback of recording media, Beverage production, Manufacture of textiles, Finance Service activities (excluding insurance and pension funds), Computer programming, consulting and related Activities (including information provision activities), Manufacture of processed metal products (excluding machinery) and equipment).

Decrease of average net income compared to June 2022 It was cause deadline To sometimes a bonus Payments in kind and other allowances, net income and amounts from other funds (including value tickets) granted last months. Also, average net profit is ddecided To of production departmentachievements and Hire staff with lower income (depending on contract/project), and lower income In some economic activities, returns relative to the average.
most important andWrinkles in average net income At the section/division level of NACE Rev.2 in the meantime It is logged as:

To 14.2% of Publication activity;

while Four.0% When 7at .0% Manufacture of machinery and equipment NEC, computer manufacturing, electronic and optical pproduct, Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products, collecting water, treatment and supply, Coal and lignite mining, Manufacture of tobacco products;

while 1.5% and Four.0% of Mining of metal ores, financial services ancillary activities and Insurance activity, arts, entertainment and recreation, sewage.

in the budget department3 Registered andIncrease in average net income over the previous monthof Education (6.6%, mainly of reduction in timely payment of faculty and staff for the period summer vacation), MeAdministration (1.Five%), respectively IHuman Health and Social Work (1.0%). Which sector had the highest average net profit in July? – Romanian Journal

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