Which Swiss canton has the highest electricity bill?

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, expected gas shortages and inflation, electricity prices are expected to rise more or less significantly in Switzerland in the coming months. It ranges from 20% in some households to over 60% in others.

Prices vary widely between Switzerland’s approximately 600 electricity suppliers, so the price increase depends not only on the size of your residence or dwelling, but also on the production capacity of the local electricity supplier.

according to report According to the RTS public broadcaster, “Some people own many power plants and produce the electricity they sell themselves. So they are much less dependent on the European market. Those who do not are now bearing the brunt of the energy crisis.”

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Here are the expected rate hikes for different parts of Switzerland:

Vaud, Lausanne, Geneva

The company, which supplies electricity to parts of western Switzerland, said it had “been forced to raise electricity prices from January 1, 2023 due to rising electricity prices.” press release On Wednesday, it called the increase “historic.”

According to the company, prices for 2023 will be “increased between 49% for the majority of residential customers and 61% for customers with specific consumption modes.” That is, customers who use a lot of energy.

This is believed to be one of the largest increases in Switzerland.

this Link provides detailed information on the hikes to be expected based on where you reside in Vaud.

Other parts of French-speaking Switzerland will see electricity prices increase, but to a lesser extent. In Geneva, Geneva Industrial Services (SIG) customers see an average price increase of 22%, while in Lausanne, prices increase in Lausanne. Industrial services will be 26% higher than their current rates.

Basel, Zug, Zurich

Customers of Basel-based energy supplier Primeo Energy will have to pay even more for electricity in the coming year. This is 42-46%, making her second province after Vaud in terms of energy costs. according to To Watson News Portal.

Zug’s WWZ will raise prices by nearly 39%, while Zurich’s EKZ will raise prices by only 26% – a relatively modest increase considering Zurich is Switzerland’s most expensive city.

If you want to know what to expect next year, contact your local power company and ask what the 2023 rates are for your area.

this Link View electricity prices for all of Switzerland.

Can I change power companies?

You can only change suppliers if you move to another region served by another provider.

If you stay where you are, you are stuck with the same company.

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