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The Bahamas, Nassau — Former Labor Director John Pinder said the emergence of a powerful new affiliate for the union has created a “serious problem” for the government, which now determines the country’s “voice of labor”. Must.

Mr Pinder also said the establishment of a new organization, the Bahamas National Trades Union Congress (BNATUC), would hurt the hopes of those who want a more unified labor movement in the country.

Belinda Wilson, President of the Bahamas Teachers Union, is the president of the organization that announced its formation over the weekend. Kimsley Ferguson, Head of the Bahamas Public Services Union, is Vice President.

Withdrawal from the National Trade Union Bahamas Conference (NCTUB) after several unions and affiliates expressed their desire to join or want to join the new organization and expressed their low confidence in NCTUB President Bernard Evans. ..

“Obviously, you’ll notice that NCTUB has lost most of its members,” Pinder said on Tuesday.

“They hold a small union. The three biggest unions at the conference were the hotel union, the civil servant union, and the BUT. If you lose them, you lose just over half of your membership.”

According to Pinder, BNATUC participates in the NCTUB and Trades Union Congress as the third affiliate to represent domestic unions.

“This doesn’t necessarily hurt trade unions in that it could look like another church,” he said. “But you have to show unity. If you don’t show unity, it’s different for others to unite. We should be an example of county unity. When we start to lose it, It begins to lose relevance. “

Earlier in his career, Pinder said he helped the organization fight for the recognition it received as Chief Steward of NCTUB.

“We had numbers,” he said.

“That made us the voice of the official Bahamian workers. It’s a problem for the government now. Who is the voice of the official Bahamian workers? You can’t be NCTUB anymore. I don’t think it’s TUC. I think it’s this new affiliate that challenges the government to become the official voice of workers.

Pinder continues. “We have hundreds of Baptist churches, but only one Baptist convention. They are planning activities for the Baptist church. It’s the same in the Anglican parish.

“The important thing is that the Bahamas will not be able to sit at the ILO at the convention without the approval of workers, government and employers. Therefore, it is necessary to identify who the official voice is. Yes. For years, the government has been trying to change organizations, bringing both TUC and NCTUB to the conference. They have used one as an observer and the other as an official voice. , They have a third umbrella, so how do they do it? The new organization has a majority of workers in the union. “

Pinder said the rules governing the National Tripartite Council deal with trade union inclusion.

“What they are doing now is to allow three from TUC and three from NCTUB. What will happen now? There were only six representatives of the labor movement.” Mr. Pinder said.

“The NIB Board talks about putting a representative from the labor movement on it. They usually go to NCTUB, the voice of the workers, and sometimes choose who their voice is. To balance, NCTUB appoints two and allows the Trade Council to appoint one. “

Pinder added: Therefore, many of these boards are seeking union representatives and will cause serious problems under the ILO Convention, based on some policies and procedures followed by the government. “ “Who is the voice of labor?” A powerful new union challenges the government – ​​Eye Witness News

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