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Why are Swedish authorities accused of abducting Muslim children?

Social welfare in a prosperous Scandinavian country has been accused of “kidnapping” children from Muslim immigrant families-the state’s allegations constitute a “disinformation campaign.”

Since late 2021, social media has been accompanied by a surge in viral videos of Swedish authorities driving Muslim migrant children out of their homes, alleging that social services are “kidnapping” and abusing children. ..

The allegations allege that the children were taken away from their families and then placed in a Christian foster household, where they were “secularized” or “assimilated”, for example by being fed pork and consuming alcohol. increase. Some even claim that their children are detained in social welfare facilities or even placed with pedophiles.

Sweden, meanwhile, has denied that claim, spreading disinformation through viral videos and causing distrust among immigrant families.

The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has addressed the issue in a five-part Twitter thread, warning that a “disinformation campaign” is underway and that social services “always put child safety and welfare first.”

The ministry also emphasized that social workers can separate their children from their families only by court order with their consent or if the family does not voluntarily cooperate.

Minister for Integration of Immigration Anders Ygeman said the issue was being discussed with Islamic NGOs, claiming that Swedish social services “never abduct” children.

According to Igeman, the disinformation campaign has been partially fueled by “frustrated parents who have failed to raise their children” who have been angry with the authorities.

“There is also a malicious force that wants to take advantage of the frustration of these parents to spread distrust and division,” Ygeman added.

According to the Swedish Psychological Defense Agency, many of the viral videos that led to the escalation of alleged kidnappings are old videos provided to “polarize” people in misunderstanding situations.

“A very aggressive rumor campaign is currently underway on various social media … Of course, this information is seriously misleading and its sole purpose is to create tension and spread distrust,” said Turkey. The Swedish Consul General in Istanbul also said in a statement.

Swedish authorities have firmly advocated that social welfare is overseen by professionals and is primarily aimed at supporting families and protecting children.

The real problem hidden by disinformation

Julia Aga, head of the Stockholm-based Arabic news agency Alcompis, said, “Initially, it was intended as a campaign in which families with detained children were mistreated and wanted to criticize social welfare. I was there. ” AFP Communications Company.

“What happened is that the campaign is in the hands of foreign troops, religiously filtered and disinformation disinformation. It now looks like a hatred campaign against Sweden and Swedish society.” She added.

At the same time as the viral video, immigrant families have traveled to the streets of some parts of Sweden to protest what they say they have been unfairly removed from their homes and subsequently abused.

Their protest banners include “Please return our children”, “Our children were taken away from us and we were unjustly exposed”, “We want justice”. Is written. The family also opposed the choice of foster parent states that they found unsuitable for caring for their children.

Swedish Nuance Party leader Mikail Yuxel, who participated in the protest, admitted disinformation on social media, but emphasized that there was a real problem beyond “rumors.”

“The legitimacy of social welfare agencies for taking children from Swedish families is not the same as the reasons for taking children from Muslim and immigrant families. There is a terrifying prejudice against Muslim and immigrant families. “He told the Anador Agency. Double standard of Swedish authorities.

Yuxel added that the Swedish Discrimination Bureau’s report did indicate discrimination against migrants. Authorities and researchers also found that migrant children were taken out of their families more often than Swedish children.

One example is Mariya Ellmoutaouakkil, a 35-year-old mother of three who emigrated from Morocco to Sweden over 10 years ago. Two of her children, her 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, were taken out of her care.

She told AFP that social welfare took her children to allegations of unfounded violence. The only evidence of the incident was an interview with her children by a social worker, who was denied access.

“It may start to feel like a kidnapping to me as a mother,” Ellmoutaouakkil said, stressing that he knew that the children weren’t “kidnapped.”

“I can understand that when we parents don’t get an answer, they call it that,” she added.

Diab Talal and his wife Amal Sheikh, who emigrated to Sweden in 2017 through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, also took their children away. Four of their children were taken in the same year they arrived in Sweden, and a fifth in 2021 shortly after birth.

“We came to Sweden from stressful roads and war. When we first arrived we were depressed. They were four children from us in the complaints of our neighbors. I took him … that we were violent against the children, “Talal told Anador.

The couple’s investigation found no evidence of the allegations, but according to Talal, social welfare placed the children with different families and prohibited the couple from seeing them.

“While we were weeping for our children, we were targeted by the Swedish media and named’Muslims and terrorists’,” Talal said to protest the treatment of Swedish authorities. Added to mention the demos they participated in.

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