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Why are UP polls important in Indian politics?

KV Prasad

By KV Prasad

Of all the states going to elect a new government early next year, Uttar Pradesh dominates the political space for two prominent reasons. Bell weather condition.

This position obscures equally important states of Uttarakhand, Goa, Manipur and Punjab, with the exception of the last state, the Bharatiya Janata Party has governments in each of the four states for the next election. Has a high interest. Voters can appreciate the work of a “double engine” government. The model emphasized by the BJP will change the way of administration.

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While each state has its own dynamics, UP has a political oar of political parties in governance in several respects. The result of UP Parliament will strengthen the party to win pole position. It paves the way for the next big test of the general election scheduled for the summer of 2024. Parliamentary composition could be decisive in the 2022 presidential election, as state legislators are highly valued for voting.

BJP’s stakes have remained the highest since the party dominated polls in 2017 on the top of the “Modi Wave.” Currently, we are preparing to make an encore based on the achievements of the Yogi Adityanas administration. The party is already in election mode and has strengthened its involvement with the people of the state for the past six months.

First, the party will serve senior leaders and federal ministers, each regularly patrolling the designated areas, across six regions, after which the party has been Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the past few weeks. Frequently met to boost marketing for the campaign. Dedicate the project to the public.

The launch of the Kasivischwanath Temple Corridor Project in other public works such as the Prime Minister’s constituency and highways and homes for the poor has brought the party’s integrity in fulfilling its development promises to all. The purpose is to convey.

Last time, the BJP shook the pendulum to the pendulum, made a spectacular delivery in Ujiwara, free cooking gas connections and its field workers knocked on all the doors, making the work done by the Modi government a beneficiary. Remind me – what the engine government can do.

Since 2017, people have gained direct experience and there is no doubt that the incumbent government will participate in the election with the handicap of having to prove what it has brought. This is the nature of politics, and in the context of promises for the last election, the government is responsible for those who try to assess its rationale.

In a sense, anti-incandency is an unavoidable factor, highlighted by the aftermath caused by Covid’s health pandemic and the brutal second wave of UP, like the rest. In addition to that worries, the scars of the farmer’s upset over the years are fresh.

Over the past few years, the BJP has demonstrated the effectiveness of its superior election system. From top-down to booth level, Karyakarta or Panna Pramukh is a well-tuned piece. And it has an army of quiet and devoted RSS workforce. Then, at UP, Interior Minister Amit Shah spent a great deal of effort to create a setup demonstrating the ability to provide the necessary impetus to convert election support to legislative seats prior to the 2014 general election. I did.

The question now controversial is whether the BJP can effectively counter the anti-incandency and challenges from the Samajwadi Party. The footage in the media suggests that Achilles Yadaf is attracting the crowd and that the party is not only a major challenger to the Yogi administration, but also fancy itself as the only option.

Yadav-The Islamic support base SP is angry with the peasant community, especially in the western part of the state, where it is ready to work with Rashtoriya Rok Dal of Jayant Chowdary, the political heir of Chaudary. I want to ride. Charan Shin and Agit Shin.

Electors, like the rest of the country, judge the government about the work done, but politics is driven by caste calculations. At UP, this issue has permeated the subcaste even further, and over the years, major political parties have been trying to leverage smaller reservoirs to sew larger coalitions.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha election, BJP, headed by Amit Shah, achieved tremendous results in partnership with small political parties representing various castes. This is a factor strengthened prior to the 2017 election.

Apart from the upper caste, OBC makes up about 44%, which includes 35% of the very younger class. Dalits make up about 21%, of which Jataf is a strong supporter of the Bahujan Samaj Party. Muslims have a presence of about 19% and have been primarily on the side of the SP for the past 20 years. Of course, AIMIM is testing waters as the party continues to explore and expand its political foundation beyond its traditional presence in Hyderabad-Second Rabad.

Correct caste combinations are important, but political parties create an overwhelming emotional appeal to root issues rather than raising living standards and dignity, creating a bubble that spans the issues.

This is KV Prasad. Senior journalist working at The Hindu and The Tribune (kveprasad2007@gmail.com)

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