Why do you hate President Chaputova?

3. August 2022 11:23 Me premium content

The Ukrainian War Disturbance Syndrome continues to ravage parts of the intellectual class.

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President Zuzana Captova, I just found out on these pages, is losing popularity. Really? Aside from her composure and intelligence, the mere fact that she is not a screaming brainiac seems to give her a distinct edge over most of the current Slovak political class. There is none.

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As usual, while thinking “Is it me?” I was reminded of a recent meeting with members of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. It is Slovakia’s leading higher academic research institution.

He was an educated, literate man, a social scientist hired to think about how people interacted and how society worked. He told me he was a leftist, but expressed clear sympathy for Sumeru, who had recently moved away from the left. Hotel California Political Parties in Slovakia Something close to the Bates Motel rather undercuts its claims.

Somehow, this person realized that the real problem in Ukraine was not Russian aggression, but Western “militarism,” and in Slovakia, this hateful trait was embodied by none other than President Čaptova. I was convinced that there was

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