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Why is Christianity set to be a minority religion in the UK?

The Anglican Church, suffering from a pandemic and diminished relevance in society, is struggling to prevent a faithful wandering.

Perhaps for the first time in 1000 years, less than 50% of people claim to be Christians in England and Wales, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Earlier this month, the 2011 census figures were updated, and the images they envision are bleak for the future of Christians in the country.

In 2011, nearly 60 percent of people were identified as Christians. Currently, that number is only 51 percent. In addition, the 2021 census results are widely believed to show that these numbers have declined further, and England and Wales may be the majority non-Christian nations.

To stop the decline in worshipers, the church has “sold more than $ 335 million.Updates and reforms“The program from 2017 to 2020 seems to be of little use.

The Anglican Church, which represents most Christians and churches across the country, calls this challenge “serious and deep-rooted.”

among Theme The church is facing an aging congregation (The average age of the churches I attended is 61), Decrease in salaried clergy, lack of vision among some clerics to create a more “hopeful future”, leadership to imagine future challenges and institutional inertia lack.

Founded over 500 years ago, the Anglican Church sits on some of the country’s finest real estate lands.

Anglican $ 29 billion in assets When Donation Of $ 11.7 billion, which generated about $ 1.3 billion annually in 2019.

In addition to that, Anglican Church advantage From national grants, it means that millions of dollars have been spent maintaining some of the country’s most iconic, culturally important, and architecturally rich buildings.

Therefore, money is not really a problem for the Anglican Church. So what is causing this relentless decline for the institutions that were at the heart of the country’s structure?


Heading to the city center of England, visitors encounter the cathedral totem, which has shaped the spiritual landscape for centuries.

But their grandeur is no longer in line with the congregation.

Ann Average congregation One week in the Anglican Church in 2019 was only 27. That was before the Covid-19 pandemic closed much of our daily lives in the last two years.

According to the church’s own figures, the Covid-19 pandemic catalyzed a declining trend in attendance.

Anglican Church earlier this year predict In the pandemic, we found that almost 20% of worshipers did not return to church. This is one of the most dramatic declines in the history of the church.

Pandemics can also reduce donations by 20%, making many churches economically viable, and as a result, reducing the number of clergy.

Not all faiths are the same

The Anglican Church experienced a decline in attendance, but evangelical Christian groups Opposite direction..

Known for their vibrant and noisy gatherings, they have fascinated young cohorts and worshipers. Not suffocating and removing the glitz of the ritual, they appealed to a group of people who wanted to experience their faith differently.

Britain may no longer be a Christian, but it is not necessarily religious.

One Islam is the fastest growing faith in Britain.. Between 2001 and 2009, Islam grew 10 times faster than most other religious groups.Mixture of conversation, Higher fertility rates, and migration contributed to its strong increase.

In some cases, the abandoned church Diverted to a mosque And, in a sense, it remains true to the original intent of the building.

Can the Anglican Church take a break?

“The old church has a spiritual atmosphere and social activity, and has an economic and social value of £ 55 billion annually for the UK,” according to a study examining the impact of the church on British society.

Would British towns and cities worsen without these magnificent constructions on the power of faith? More and more activists seem to believe so, and in the process, they are infusing conservatism, adapting to the challenges they face, and slowly moving institutions to deal with them.

Increasingly Anglican parishes have become healthier community centers, Establishment of food pantry For those who find it difficult to make ends meet.

To explain the image in an easy-to-understand manner, one church Post office..

But that is a challenge facing the church, and such measures may not be sufficient. God’s intervention may be the last and highest hope of the Anglican Church.

Source: TRT World

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