Why is it significant to be good at essay writing

People often form an impression of you by what you write about yourself. We speak with texts more often, and literary skills are no longer a luxury but a way of life. Unfortunately, most people do not write because they are convinced that no one cares about their writing. Moreover, they hated writing essays in school. That is why many students are more likely to find those who write an essay for cheap rather than learn to write them on their own. In this article, we will find out why it is important to develop skills in writing essays and how they will be useful to you.

Above all, being able to write essays makes you a literate person who can articulate your thoughts in a persuasive and structured way.

What does it mean to be literate?

There were times when people were illiterate 1-2 centuries ago. They had very different tasks, nothing to do with literacy.

There were “literate” people among them who were able to read and write. All illiterate people went to them to write their names or compose or read any document. Later, more and more people became literate, and those who could only read were considered illiterate.

Of course, it would be difficult to find a person who cannot write or read even in our days. But you can assess the level of literacy of a person depending on how well they know how to read and write in their native language.

Today, in the XXI century, being literate means being an educated person. At this time, it is believed that literacy is the foundation on which a person’s development will be based.

Reasons for writing essays

As it happens, students, to some extent, do not like writing essays. But if we look at the benefits of such tasks in the future, we should still learn to write them correctly.

  • We have already said above that the writing of the essay affects the development of the writing skills of students. This type of academic activity makes you more literate. Knowing how to write correctly is necessary to understand one another properly, not ambiguously. Rules and laws exist for this purpose so that people live and create in accordance with them.
  • Working on the essay helps develop logical thinking and skills in searching and structuring information. It is not for us to tell you how much time and effort it takes to prepare for writing an essay. You need to find material for your work, read a lot of primary sources, analyze everything, and identify the main points. These skills will be useful to you in your adult life.
  • The writing helps to check the level of comprehension of the studied material and the students’ critical thinking. Since the essay primarily aims to express one’s thoughts on the topic, students learn to formulate their viewpoints and argue their point of view, presenting arguments and evidence.
  • Literacy and the ability to articulate their views are powerful tools and, on the other hand, a powerful weapon, through the help of which you can control. Do you want to have such a tool in your arsenal? Write essays!
  • Creativity is the ability to create new things out of nothing, see the possibility, and develop it. It is not possible just to read a book or listen to a lecture to become creative. Forming a skill requires appropriate training. And the very writing of the essay allows you to shape it.
  • Writing essays also helps to develop mental acuity. This is the ability to look at the usual things from a new point of view. Over the years, it is becoming more and more difficult, but this skill is important for creativity.
  • Critical thinking is a system of judgments that allows you to analyze information in such a way that you can make rational decisions on its basis. Globally, it is the ability to distinguish between lies and truth, which is extremely important in the so-called post-truth era in which we now live.
  • The process of writing teaches you to set goals and priorities. Planning and organizing your work is a very important skill. Do not try to accomplish everything — the illusion of a flurry of activities will lead only to exhaustion and burnout. Stick to deadlines and focus on the main thing. This skill will be a must-have in the era of multitasking.

Tips that will help you to write a blissful essay

Think about writing in advance

Read examples of successful essays, look through interesting topics, and find out what appeals to you. Give yourself time to process the idea. Choose the best options that are closest to you in spirit. There is always something to say when the topic is interesting, and everything said sounds overconfident.

It’s not all about the topic

Obviously, it is necessary to avoid overlapping topics. However, if you really have something to say, then even the most annoying topic will catch your attention. And the main thing is not “what” but “how to say.”

Answer the questions

If there is a question, it is obligatory to answer it. Use specific facts and evidence.

Be careful with the use of humor and other non-traditional literary devices

There are, of course, talented poets and writers who can be confident that their writing style is appreciated. But these are very, very few. In most cases, the literary efforts remain insufficiently comprehensible to teachers.

Write about what you know

You must be clear about what your message is, why it will be interesting to readers, and what they will pay attention to. Try to avoid clichés and generalities. Write in a clear, accessible, and meaningful way.

Be yourself

Each person has their own style of writing, interests, strengths, and identity. Communicate your uniqueness.

Reread and revise

Write clearly and understandably, but not dry; make it fascinating and lively. Do not overwhelm the reader with extraneous details. Check for grammatical, spelling, and stylistic mistakes. Do not rely on the review only by computer. It is good if someone else reads your work. If you return to the revision in 2 – 3 days, you will definitely find a lot of inaccuracies. There will be a desire to add some more comments and criticize. Continue to edit until you are completely satisfied with everything but not more than three times.


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