Why is the FBI investigating the authenticity of Basquiat’s paintings?

The FBI is investigating the authenticity of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 25 paintings on display at the Orlando Museum. New York Times report.

Paintings by neo-expressionist artists Reportably found in the storage unit In Los Angeles in 2012, more than 30 years after the artist Died at the age of 27..

The museum’s director, Aaron de Groft, believes that the painting is genuine and was painted by Basquiat in 1982. According to Groft and the owner of the painting, Basquiat sold the painting to a television screenwriter for $ 5,000. About them for 30 years ” New York Times.. The current owner purchased the collection after the storage unit was confiscated and auctioned in 2012.

If they are genuine, the collection is worth estimating $ 100 million..

The 25 paintings in question are “Heroes & Monsters: Jean-Michel Basquiat, The Thaddeus Mumford, Jr.Venice Collection, ”Is on display from February 12, 2022. But that same month, the credibility of the paintings on display was New York Times..

Apparently, the artwork is drawn on paperboard. However, the FedEx typeface found on one of the paperboards was “not designed until 1994, six years after the artist’s death.” Former FedEx Designer To tell.

This also casts doubt on the authenticity of the other 24 paintings.

So far, the FBI’s art crime team has reportedly demanded that all communication between painting owners and museum employees be confirmed.But the FBI declined New York Times Request Comments on the current status of their investigation.

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https://www./2022/5/30/23147022/fbi-investigates-authenticity-25-jean-michel-basquiat-paintings Why is the FBI investigating the authenticity of Basquiat’s paintings?

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