Why Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic French Open Crash is “The Most Important Match in Tennis History”

Wilander, on the other hand, went one step further and described it as “the most important match in history.”

“I remember last year when they played in the semi-finals. I said it was probably the most important match in tennis history, because the winner will probably win the slam. I’m saying it again.” Swedes great addition.

There is no doubt that the stakes of both players in the match are very high. When Djokovic wins, he wins the third French Open trophy, comparable to Nadaru’s 21 major record.

Majorcan’s victory almost guarantees his 22nd Grand Slam and opens a two-slam lead to Djokovic if he succeeds in achieving a feat.

The largest and oldest tournament in the sport, the Grand Slam is considered the gold standard for tennis, and the number of majors a player has earned determines his or her greatness.

Former Indian Davis Cup player Jishan Ali had a similar view of the Nadal-Djokovic quarterfinals at the French Open.

“Last year, Nadal and Djokovic played the best tennis set ever, and the Serbs took fourth place in the tiebreaker,” Ali told Sputnik.

“Today, they have the potential to play in the best quarterfinals of all time in men’s tennis, because they both know what’s on the line,” he added.

Experts have already stated the importance and hugeness of the match, and Djokovic enjoyed the challenge of playing against Nadaru on his favorite court in the world.

“This is a big challenge and probably the biggest challenge I can do here at Djokovic. I’m ready … I like how I feel, how I hit the ball. I focus on what I focus on. Focus on. Djokovic said in an interview posted on the tournament’s official website.

Djokovic said he was ready for the long-awaited confrontation with Nadaru, but the record of 21 Grand Slam holders wasn’t very impressive at Clay.

Their overall record is 30-28 in favor of Djokovic, but Nadaru was the dominant player on the red soil. He is currently leading the pair’s rivalry 19-8 on the surface.

What’s more, the left-handed player has a big lead in Djokovic at Roland Garros, where he defeated Serbs seven times in nine games.

Still, Djokovic can be fascinated by the fact that he is the only tennis star to beat Nadaru twice at the French Open. This includes winning the spectacular semi-finals in 4 sets of 4 hours and 11 minutes. Why Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic French Open Crash is “The Most Important Match in Tennis History”

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