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Why the West and Russia are stuck against Ukraine

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin recently talked to each other and then between their diplomats without any progress. The main reasons behind the political impasse are:

Western nations and Russia are on the other side of many issues, from the Syrian conflict and the Russian occupied territories of Georgia to rebel protests in Belarus.

None of these issues could cause a military conflict between Russia and the Western nations, but the Ukrainian conflict did War between the two.

It is clear that Ukraine is far more important to both sides than Georgia, Belarus and Syria. So why are the United States and Russia so struggling to look at Ukraine?

“Ironically, from the start of the negotiations, it was clear that there were some non-starters who were unlikely to reach an agreement,” said Ioannis Koskinas, senior researcher at the International Security Program. New American think tank.

“Russians have demanded a declaration that Ukraine will not be allowed to join NATO and that the alliance will end its cooperation with Kiev. Americans do not support Washington’s change in NATO’s open door policy. Revealed. This should question us: why are we talking in the first place? “Koskinas says. TRT world.

The main disagreement between the two concerns the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO, but both countries will also emerge. Test your opponent’s fight readiness Ukraine and their respective priorities.

But why is Ukraine’s accession to NATO so important?

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union-Russian President Vladimir Putin “The greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century” -Two former Soviet republics such as Latvia and Estonia and Ukraine of the Baltic States have also joined NATO. At that time, Moscow did not act categorically.

However, they joined NATO in 2004. After the devastating collapse of its predecessor under Putin’s administration, Russia took a little care not to frown on his leadership around the world.

The Baltic states are also different from Ukraine. They were not Slavic countries like Ukraine, and their historical ties to Russia were not as strong as Kiev. The first Russian capital..

For the Western Union, putting Ukraine on its side means dismantling both Russia Slavic and historical connection with KievSomething that makes even Putin emotional. In a recent article, Russian President called UkraineLittle Russia

Russia and its agents have already invaded parts of Ukraine. (Fatih Uzun / TRTWorld)

“Beyond NATO’s consideration, the United States has revealed that they will continue To export weapons to Ukraine“Coskinas says.


Beyond historical and ethnic factors, there is also a powerful geopolitical element for both Russia and the Western nations to have Ukraine on their side.

Unlike the Baltic states, the border between Ukraine and Russia is much longer, in the Black Sea, which poses a serious challenge to Moscow and provides NATO with the opportunity to make its enemies feel vulnerable.

Russia has shown intolerance to unfriendly governments, as recently seen in Belarus, which has a long border with Moscow. Belarus, which means white Russia in English, is also a European state with a common history and culture with Russia, such as Ukraine.

Despite strong protests against pro-Russian leadership from 2020 to 2021, Moscow strongly supported the Belarusian government and showed intolerance to the possibility of a pro-Western revolution in Ukraine in 2014.

Unlike the Ukrainian Revolution, Western support for Belarus was verbal and not as threatening as US President Joe Biden did recently. Made for his Russian counterpart..

It may be good to remember the political position of Finland, another European nation with a long border with Russia. Neutral since the Cold War.

(Fatih Uzun / TRTWorld)

Even after the end of the Cold War, Finland has never tried to join NATO in the way Ukraine is currently actively pursuing, even though it is an EU member state.

“Finland has not discussed joining NATO and there are no such projects planned for Finland … Finland’s security policy has not changed.” Said Today’s Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto.

Finland is clearly considered a Western country, but neither the Soviet Union nor the Russian Federation threaten to invade the nation like Ukraine these days.

Is the Ukrainian conflict similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis?

The close relationship between the Cuban Revolution and the Soviet Union in Havana led to the Cuban Missile Crisis over the installation of nuclear-armed missiles on the island by Moscow in 1962, raising concerns over Washington over other possible conflict areas in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. did.

Cuba is only 90 miles from the coast of the United States, causing deep concern in Washington. Cuba’s population was 7 million 60 years ago, a small country that did not pose a separate national security threat to the United States, but the missile crisis put the world on the brink of nuclear war. rice field.

Today, Russia may feel about Ukraine as the United States did about Cuba.

In 1962, it was clear to the United States that Cuba was not Hungary, the state of Central Europe. The Soviet Union curbed the anti-communist rebellion in 1956, as Western nations watched Moscow’s intervention as a mere observer.

Also, for Russians, Ukraine may not be Latvia or Estonia.

Source: TRT World

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