Why the work of Rodney Monker’s violent thugs is so dangerous

To the editor,

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) circled the wagon around Rodney Monker, which is prone to gaffes.

His appointment as a violent obstructor at the Department of Homeland Security was the PLP government hierarchy believing that Monker was one of the writers when he was appointed to the Free National Movement (FNM) in 2016. It suggests that you are. Senate by Loretta Butler Turner.

Readers will also recall Moncur, which was protected by the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) in the 2012 general election.

Based on his changing loyalty over the last decade, I think it’s fair to suggest that former Workers’ Party leaders played DNA, FNM, and PLP like fiddles. And if the revelation of former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minis on this issue is actually accurate, Monker could be rewarded with his lucrative post and pay him up to $ 65,000 a year.

Even if the salary that Minis estimated in Congress was accurate, if I were a monker, the PLP government would tell him, in the heart of New Providence.

Based on what Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis said, Monker lives in the Black Village in the heart of the city.

I would like to give my personal opinion as to why I seriously doubt that Monker could achieve the power he expected.

In fact, I believe that the work of Monker’s violence obstructor could put him in a potentially life-threatening situation. Based on what they read about violent thugs on the National Department of Justice website, they are tasked with working in the ghetto, which is infested with criminals that gangs call home.

They need to win the trust of gang leaders, but it’s not easy. According to the website mentioned above, before the violence escalate, violence disruptors roam the ghetto, identifying and intervening in the gang’s lawn war.

Like the American violent thugs, Monker’s post asks him to look for families of victims of shooting and puncture wounds to persuade him not to seek retaliation.

In the Bahamas, where the Bahamas consider the judicial system to be broken and ineffective, Moncur’s mission is almost impossible and extremely dangerous.

Violence obstructors are featured in the Chicago Ceasefire, an anti-violence program used in Windy City to combat crime.

Former gang members are hired as violent thugs and are paid about $ 15 per hour. Working 40 hours a week, they are paid $ 600. That’s $ 31,200 a year, which is $ 33,800 less than the total of $ 65,000 stated by Minis.

Chicago CeaseFire is a branch of a national initiative called Cure Violence, conceived by American epidemiologist Dr. Gary Slutkin.

According to a 2013 PBS Frontline article, CaseFire reduced shootings in two communities in Chicago by nearly 38% and killings by nearly 29%.

Despite this success, members of the Chicago Police Department were moderately distrustful of the violent disturbers because of their previous relationship with violent gangsters.

As mentioned above, my problem with Monker’s post is putting Monker and his family in a nasty and dangerous position. If the Bloods of Yellow Elder invades the territory of Crips or Aryan Brotherhood in Bain and Grantstown, or Eight Tray Gang Crips in Nassau Village and kills members of Bloods, what does Monker do to overcome this? Can you do it? Dangerous situation?

Moreover, for members of these gangs, Monker may be a resident of their community, but they now consider him a member of the facility where they are at war. They don’t trust Moncur.

Also, even if Monker could somehow gain the trust of certain weak elements within these criminal organizations, the gang hierarchy accusing them of being government informants providing sensitive information to the CDU and RBPF. The possibility of their malicious business cannot be simply dismissed.

Since Monker’s address is on their territory, he is easy to reach, unlike many government cabinet ministers who live and secure a secure gated community.

It would have been wise for the government not to reveal Monker’s job description. Monker is in trouble with the Black Village gangsters. But that is my concern about this whole trial.

There are some things that are much more important than money. In particular, it is a fee collected by $ 65,000 or Moncur.

By accepting this dangerous work, I believe Monker is exaggerating his invincibility in his community.

Monker needs to understand that gangsters no longer see him as a host and activist of talk shows that are prone to gaffes, making hilarious comments.

For them, he is now a government tool, and its RBPF officers have been involved in the deadly shootings of gang members in their respective regions for years.

I’m not naive to think that gang members have forgiven the nation and its operatives. My only hope and prayer is to keep his family safe as Monker and his family carry out his potentially dangerous missions.

— — Kevin Evans Why the work of Rodney Monker’s violent thugs is so dangerous

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