Wildcats lead Trackers 1-0 as playoffs begin

The New Providence Softball Association (NPSA) kicked off the 2022 playoffs on Thursday as the women’s defending champion Sunshine Auto Wildcats got off to a good start in their title defense with a 1-0 lead over Johnson’s Lady Truckers in a mini-best rice field. of three semi-final series. They won last night, 13-3, at the Bankers Softball Field at the Vairou Hills Sports Complex.

It was the start of the first NPSA playoff series since 2019, as the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic forced the league to close for three years.

Shortstop Larika Russell played consistently for the Wildcats, going perfect 2-2 at bat. She scored 3 runs and hit 1 RBI. She got help from winning pitcher Serra Stevens, who scored two runs off the mound and had eight strikeouts.

Despite scoring three runs in the bottom of the first inning, the Wildcats didn’t look like their usual dominant selves. It wasn’t until three times that they came alive offensively. In the bottom of that inning, the Wildcats scored six runs to lead 12–3.

After the Lady Trackers went empty in the top of the 4th inning, the Wildcats needed only one run to apply the mercy rule. Left fielder Tyris Davis scored the Wildcats’ winning run on a passed ball to clinch a 13–3 win. It was her second run of the night.

The Wildcats were also pennant winners for the season, finishing with a 9-3 record. They are aiming for their 4th straight victory. The RAB Operators also finished with him with a 9-3 record, but the Wildcats won the tiebreak as they went head-to-head and gave him a 2-1 advantage. Received the right to play against Lady Truckers (5 wins, 7 losses) in 4th place. The Wildcats won all three of his regular season games against the Lady Truckers. The first match he went 11-6, the second he went 11-1, and the third match he won by default.

Game 2 of the series takes place Saturday at 7pm

Game two of last night’s doubleheader pitted the second and third seeded men’s teams against each other. The second-seeded Cyber ​​Tech Blue Marlins (10-2) played the Atlantis Titans (4-7), but no score was available until press time.

The Titans and Chance Mighty Mitt had the same record, but the Titans won the 3rd seed tiebreaker after setting a 2-1 record in head-to-head. The Blue Marlins won the regular season meeting with the Titans, he won 3-0, 9-1, 10-2, 7-0.

The playoffs continue tonight with the men’s defending champions C&S Hitmen (11-1) taking on The Mighty Mitts at 9pm. The Hitmen are regulars in his season, where he beat The Mighty Mitt 3–0. They won the game he won 6-3, 8-5, 13-12.

The women’s division match between the 2nd seed RAB Operators and the revamped 3rd seed University of The Bahamas Mingoes (6-6) is set for 7pm. Mingoes won her first game with her 10-8. However, the Operator won her last two regular season meetings, 20-9 and 11-4.

The Renegades (1-11) in the men’s division and the Black Scorpions (1-11) in the women’s division did not make it to the playoffs. Wildcats lead Trackers 1-0 as playoffs begin

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