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Wildfire near Yosemite Park spreads overnight

California’s largest wildfire exploded overnight, forcing thousands of people to evacuate from remote homes just west of Yosemite National Park, officials said. Said yesterday.
According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire (Cal Fire), the oak fire consumed 16,791 acres (6,795 hectares) by yesterday morning, supported by extreme heat and dry forests and undergrowth at the crater.
Today, more than half the size of Paris, 6,795 hectares (16,791 acres) of fire were contained 10% when moving east near the town of Mariposa Pines.
“What we see in this fire is very much what we’ve seen in fires across California and in the west over the last two years,” California Chief of Fire Fighting Corps Jon Heggie told CNN. rice field. Burning at just such speed and strength, it is very challenging and very dangerous for both the general public and firefighters. “
“It’s moving so fast that it doesn’t give people a lot of time, and they will sometimes have to evacuate with only a shirt on their backs,” he said.
It was still more than 16 km (10 miles) away from Yosemite, famous for its huge ancient sequoia trees. Yosemite was threatened this month by another fire that contained 80%.
The latest flames, which have already forced thousands to evacuate, come just as much of the United States is on the verge of the heat wave.
“In certain areas around the fire, fire activity last night was minimal,” said Cal Fire spokesman Jonathan Pierce. “In other parts of the fire, the timber remained active, especially due to the high mortality of trees.”
The cause of the fire is under investigation.
Since its inception on Friday, the fire has chased more than 3,700 people from home, including Mariposa County Sheriff Wes Smith and his wife Jane.
The couple lost their 37-year-old home on fire, his son Nick wrote on the GoFundMe page.
“It’s devastating to literally lose everything in a blink of an eye without notice,” he writes.
Fire officials said the fire destroyed 10 buildings and damaged 5 of them.
The high temperatures in the area yesterday were expected to reach 37 degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit), with breeze all day long.
According to the National Weather Service (NWS), the possibility of thunderstorms was predicted throughout the week.
Over 20 years of drought and rising temperatures have made California more vulnerable to wildfires than ever before. In 2020 and 2021, the most devastating two years on record came in an area that burned more than 6.8 million acres (2.75 million hectares). Larger than the size of Rwanda.
On Saturday, California Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in Mariposa County because of “a state of extreme danger to the safety of people and property.”
In recent years, California and other parts of the western United States have been devastated by huge, fast-moving wildfires caused by years of drought and a warm climate.
“What I can say is that this is a direct result of what climate change is,” CalFire’s Heggie told CNN. “California has had a 10-year drought and we can’t expect the same thing. We are now paying for that 10-year drought.” That drought we call Megafire. It promotes what you have. “
Evidence of global warming could be found elsewhere in the country, as 60 million Americans received heat recommendations yesterday.
Temperatures above 37 ° C are projected from eastern Kansas and parts of Oklahoma to southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.
Even the normally cool Pacific Northwest cannot escape the widespread heat, and temperatures are projected to reach record highs in some areas.
Cities are opening cooling stations to reach out to risky communities, such as homeless and non-air-conditioned communities.
Different parts of the globe have been hit by extreme heat waves in recent months, including western Europe in July and India in March-April. According to scientists, the incident is an unmistakable sign of a warming climate.
Extreme weather has caused former Vice President Al Gore, a defender of climate change, to issue a harsh warning on Sunday about “laziness” by US lawmakers.
Asked if he believes US President Joe Biden should declare a climate emergency, it will give him additional policy power, Gore was frank.
“Mother Nature has already declared it a global emergency,” Gore told ABC.

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