Wildfires Today: Is My Home At Risk of Wildfires?What the new map shows

More than 70 million properties in the United States are at risk of wildfire today, according to the report. New map released by the non-profit First Street Foundation..

And according to the New York TimesThe data means that “half of all addresses in the 48 states of the continental United States face some degree of wildfire risk.”

Climate change only makes things worse.

Is your home at risk of a wildfire?

Online tools assess “real estate current and future wildfire risk” and how that risk is changing due to climatic factors.

This map analyzes both property and county wildfire risks and ranges from minor risk (approximately 50 million properties) to extreme risk (1.5 million properties).

According to the data, about 80 million properties will be at risk within 30 years.


Matthew Eby, Executive Director of the First Street Foundation, Quoted as said in the NPR article: “The results will be amazing, to say the least. What we’re seeing is that in some areas the risk is doubled, tripled, or quadrupled. In areas that are already at very high risk, such as California, we see an increase of almost 50%. “

According to NPR Information provided by the new map “Fill the gap left by the government.” It tracks flood risk to homes, but not wildfire risk.

What is the methodology for assessing the risk of wildfires?

The First Street Foundation describes the model as “a national behavioral wildfire model that shows the probabilistic risk of wildfires in a particular location based on the vegetation, terrain, and fire weather of the surrounding area.” increase. It builds on decades of peer-reviewed research and predicts how changes in the environment will change the risk of wildfires over time. “

The map methodology is explained in this video..

How was the reaction to the wildfire risk map?

  • By the New York Times: “Researchers at the Forest Office and elsewhere have stated that the First Street approach is rational, but such detailed predictions are only considered as estimates with a considerable level of uncertainty. I warned that it should be. “
  • Per CNN: “An outside expert who reviewed First Street’s national risk assessment told CNN that the assessment would withstand what they were seeing.”

What kind of wildfire is burning?

Significant wildfires are already established in California and New MexicoAccording to CNN. New Mexico’s fire season arrived “dangerously early” According to the Associated Press.

  • In New Mexico, more than 791,000 acres are reported to be burning as a result of 72 fires.
  • In 2021, the Dixie fire in California was the largest in the country, burning more than 960,000 acres. California was also hit by a Caldor fire that burned more than 221,000 acres.

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