Will 100 million new COVID cases arrive in the United States this fall?

The Biden administration has warned that the United States could be hit by 100 million COVID-19 infections this fall.

What could bring about a “potentially significant wave of death” throughout the winter According to the Washington PostIs blamed on the latest version of the highly contagious Omicron variant, which appears to avoid immunization from vaccination and previous Omicron infections.

According to the newspaper, last Friday, high-ranking government officials made widespread predictions during a background briefing, envisioning “dramatically different virus strains” “as a scenario based on various external models of the pandemic.” Said. “Is not displayed.

The White House is trying to push out additional COVID-19 funding through Congress.The administration wants $ 22.5 billion, but a bipartisan agreement has been negotiated With the help of Senator Mitt RomneyR-Utah, with a $ 10 billion package, is stuck over deregulation of pandemics at the US-Mexico border.

Dr. Ashish Jah, White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, said on Sunday: ABC News “This Week” The government needs Congress to allocate the necessary resources to prevent infection from reaching the levels proposed by both the internal and external models.

“They predict that if we don’t anticipate this, our immune system will be weakened, the virus will continue to evolve, and there may be a significant wave of infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. That’s it. This fall and winter, “Jar said.

He said the United States is at risk of running out of viral vaccines, treatments and tests.

Original Omicron variant Tear Utah And earlier this year, other parts of the United States are sending record-breaking cases. Since then, new Omicron subvariants and subvariants of subvariants have emerged, and cases have begun to increase again.

The so-called “stealth omicron”, known to scientists as BA.2, accounts for just over 56% of national cases. The latest quote from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, On the other hand, subvariant BA.12.2.1 accounts for almost 43%.

In areas including Utah, 62.5% of COVID-19 cases are due to BA.2 and over 36% are due to submutants. in the meantime, Two new highly contagious Omicron subvariants In South Africa, known as BA.4 and BA.5, the original Omicron was first seen in November 2021.

Utah has shifted to what Governor Spencercox calls him “Steady state” response We moved to a pandemic and transferred most of the virus testing and treatment to private health care providers.Utah MPs Limited power Of state and local officials to impose mask obligations or other public health measures.

The United States has arrived 1 million people died From COVID-19 NBC News reported last week.. According to the Utah Department of Health, Utah’s death toll was 4,760 last Thursday. Currently, under the Governor’s pandemic response, the number of coronaviruses is updated weekly instead of daily.

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