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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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According to the first poll, Netanyahu is expected to win 34 Knesset seats in the upcoming November 1 election. The Allied ultra-Orthodox party will probably win 24. This means that the former Prime Minister still lacks three seats to make a comeback.

Israel officially Start the election season Knesset and a political party competing for 120 seats in the Israeli parliament last week. The election is scheduled for November 1st, and Israeli media polls have already announced forecasts for the next race.

Netanyahu’s comeback

Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is leading the latest polls. His Likud party is expected to win 34 seats, four more than in the March 2021 elections. Other studies predict that he may win even more spots. Aviv Bushinsky, Netanyahu’s media adviser explained that his ex-boss had an “80 percent chance” of coming back soon.

The Arab-Israeli community is ready to confront Netanyahu in preparation for Netanyahu’s return

Businsky argued that Naftali Bennett’s policies helped Netanyahu’s popularity despite his ongoing trials accused of bribery, fraud and infringement of trust.

“The previous administration has done a lot of good things, including how to handle COVID-19, the tranquility established against Gaza, and the fact that Israel has no deficits,” Businsky said. “But the coalition was weak. It couldn’t legislate anything.

They focused on maintenance and seat counting, creating a sense of disproportionate dominance of the Arabs among many Israelis.Their demands were too high and very frequent [those Arab parties] It was in line with the Palestinians. ”

Past mistakes?

Since its inauguration in June 2021, the Bennett administration has relied on the support of Ram, an Islamic parliamentary faction believed to be associated with the Muslim Brotherhood *.

To get that support, the government has assigned About $ 10.5 billion Meet the needs of the Arab community, especially addressing increased crime rates and unemployment and improving poor infrastructure.Later, that was also clearly Another Arab party, the Joint Arab List, received more than $ 60 million in exchange for “cooperation” in the Knesset.
A man walking by a campaign sign in Tel Aviv, Israel, showing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of the Likud Party. File photo. -Sputnik International, 1920, 26.06.2022

Netanyahu throws Likud’s ally under the bus after proposing to include the Arabs in the coalition

Some Israelis recognized this as bribeing Arab parliamentarians to keep the coalition intact. Others have seen the dire security situation in these actions and the main reasons for the wave of terrorist activity.

Not an easy battle

However, Netanyahu believes that Netanyahu’s return is not easy, and his success depends largely on who agrees to join his coalition.

So far, there aren’t many buyers. The current Prime Minister Yair Lapid has a grudge against Netanyahu and is unlikely to give up his seat. The leader of our family in Israel, like many other politicians, has a bad kinship with the former prime minister.

Still, Businsky explained that it was not a desperate case.

“”[The head of the Blue and White party] Benny Gantz did not rule out that he would sit with Netanyahu.Yamina below [Interior Minister Ayelet] I don’t know how powerful her party will be, but Shaked may. “

“One thing is certain: Netanyahu is preparing an aggressive campaign,” he said.

Israeli politician Benny Ganz makes a gesture when speaking during a meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday, March 7, 2021-Sputnik International, 1920, 27.05.2022

“We don’t join him”: Gantz Parry’s claims he courted Likud, but Bennett’s block is still on the rock.

Netanyahu’s campaign is reportedly focused on highlighting Rapid’s tendency towards liberalism. Netanyahu will emphasize that Bennett was in a coalition with Ram, who is allegedly supporting terrorists.

Bibi is also expected to insist that his main challenger will split Jerusalem and make painful concessions to the Palestinians. Netanyahu, meanwhile, establishes his position as an advocate of Israel and as Mr. Security.

“This is Netanyahu’s comfort zone. By running a harsh and aggressive campaign, Netanyahu will push the masses out to the ballot, which will increase his chances,” Netanyahu said.

“At the same time, if he leads an aggressive campaign against Arabs, it could push them into ballots too, which may not be in Netanyahu’s favor,” he added.

In any case, Netanyahu is ready for battle. His team says he will tour Israel and never leave the stones alone. He knows this may be his last change to build a coalition.

“If he fails, members of Likud may begin to think that their party needs to join the coalition and replace him in order to establish a government. They want to give someone else a chance. Maybe, “Bushinsky summed up.

* The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization banned in Russia.–1096910282.html Will Bibi come back?Netanyahu prepares for an “aggressive campaign” as the Israeli government collapses

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