Will cross-border workers receive Germany’s €300 energy relief fund?

As part of government measures agreed earlier this year, German workers will receive €300 in September to help people cope with rising energy costs.

The payment is taxable and must be received with the employee’s September pay packet. The self-employed can deduct it from their advance tax payments from September onwards or deduct it when they file their tax returns next year.

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Following a question from a reader of The Local, we investigated whether cross-border commuters would get paid.

I live in Germany but work in another country. can i get it?

yes. Germany is located in Europe, so many people live in the Federal Republic but work in neighboring countries such as Austria and Switzerland.

And there is good news for them. Cross-border commuters with unlimited tax liability in Germany and earning income from employment with a foreign employer in 2022 are entitled to payment. Energiepreispauschale Or German EPP.

The German government has stated that “EPP rights exist regardless of whether Germany has the right to tax salaries.”

German employers typically pay €300 as part of an employee’s salary.

“However, foreign employers do not pay EPP under German law,” the government said.

Instead, employees in this position will receive payment from tax authorities “through the filing of 2022 income tax returns,” the government added.

I work in Germany but live in another country. Can I pay?

In this case the answer is no. Workers must reside in Germany to be eligible for payment.

The German government states that “taxpayers who do not have a residence or habitual residence in Germany, in particular employees with limited income tax liability, are not eligible.”


Cross-border commuter – (dies) Grenz Pendler

Neighboring Country – (das) Nachbarland

Employer – (der) Arbeitgeber

I live abroad – I don’t live in Australia Will cross-border workers receive Germany’s €300 energy relief fund?

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