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Will Qatar gas stations start selling alcohol? -Doha News

The Qatar Fuel Company (WOQOD) has begun to deny false claims on social media.

Following allegations made on several social media platforms, WOQOD, Qatar’s leading fuel company and operator of most gas stations in Doha, has issued a rumored dismissal statement.

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In a statement via a Twitter account, WOQOD said, “These rumors are unfounded and complete regarding what was recently disseminated on social media about licensing WOQOD to sell alcohol at gas stations. I would like to emphasize that it is not true. “

Alcohol is available for those who want to buy in Qatar, but its sale is regulated only at hotels, resorts and restaurants within those tourist destinations licensed to serve it. Residents wishing to purchase household liquor can only find them at the Qatar Distribution Company (QDC), the only retailer authorized to sell household liquor.

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