Will Senator Mike Leigh talk to the January 6 committee investigating the parliamentary riots?

Senator Mike Leigh, who questioned his involvement in overturning the 2020 elections in a text message, said he was ready to talk to the January 6 investigative committee if he was asked. I am saying.

“Yes. If they want to talk, I’m always happy to talk,” said a Utah Republican. Fox news Sunday..

Lee said the commission was not trying to talk to him by taking testimony or otherwise.

In addition to the discussions at the hearing on January 6, Prime Minister Lee answered questions about the bipartisan framework for gun safety announced last week and how to vote for a bill he has never seen. “Rejected” to indicate.

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream showed Lee a clip of former President Donald Trump, who called the January 6 committee hearing a “complete and complete lie.” Before bringing the Senator’s text message to the then White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, it’s a complete and complete scam.

“I knew how bad Joe Biden was as president. I knew how bad he would be in the Oval Office,” Lee said. “There was some uncertainty in the wake of the election.”

Near the end of December, he said, there were rumors suggesting that some states were withdrawing and redistributing voter votes.

Lee said he had contacted Meadows to find out if the rumors were true because the Senate was playing a role in proving the vote.

“I couldn’t get an answer, so I contacted the voters of various states, not trying to affect anyone, just trying to find out if the rumors were true. The rumors aren’t true. No state had the intention of withdrawing the voter slate, and it was easy for me to decide to vote to prove the outcome of the election. “

Lee exchanged dozens of text messages with Meadows looking for ways for the Trump administration to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

In an interview in April, Lee said he wasn’t bidding for the White House. He said his only goal was to understand the role of Congress in the presidential election and to sort out the theories that the Trump campaign pursued to challenge the outcome.

In a text to The Meadows shortly after the 2020 elections, Lee said, “Clarity to do all the legal and constitutional remedies you have at your disposal to restore American confidence in our elections. Support “was provided.

Earlier this month, Lee said the documentary film “2000 Mule”, produced by conservative commentator Dinesh Dousa, was asking “important” questions about what happened in the election. The movie seeks to claim that a major fraud has occurred in the 2020 elections.

The Reuters Fact Check Team Signs “2000 Mule” It does not provide concrete and verifiable evidence of widespread fraudulent voting in the 2020 elections. Former Attorney General William Barr of the Trump administration described the documentary as “not very impressive” in an interview with the Commission on January 6.

During a Fox News Sunday interview, Bream also put pressure on Lee on the proposed gun control legislation.

Last week, 10 Republican and 10 Democratic Senators, including Senator Mitt Romney of R-Utah, announced a legal framework for gun safety. An additional level of scrutiny for gun buyers under the age of 21. The proposed bill has not been drafted.

The proposal was triggered by the deadly mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York.

Lee said the “20 gangsters” had no transactions or bills and had agreed on a broad set of promises.

“Whenever this happens, look at the text (of the bill) and legislate under great emotions, under the heat of the moment, without understanding what we are doing. You have to be careful not to do that, “he said. “We need to be careful not to punish law-abiding Americans for the mistakes made by criminals and madness.”

Bream presents Lee’s new Fox News poll data, with 88% of voters supporting gun-buying background checks and 82% supporting raising the statutory age to buy assault rifles from 18 to 21. I showed that I was there. Red flag methodAnd 63% support the ban on offensive weapons.

“There is a lot of momentum, at least in the public sphere to do this. Are you keeping pace with your members?” Tai asked Lee.

“The important thing is to pay attention to the rights of the members,” Lee said. “Members are asked poll questions. No questions are asked about a particular language in the legislative text. It is the job of lawmakers to pay attention to the interests and rights of citizens who comply with the laws they represent. . “

“In each of these provisions, we understand how they can get a high popularity rating if they don’t define them,” Lee said. He said some of the poll proposals were too vague and added that there was no universal definition of assault rifles.

Lee said the wording of the bill is important because it determines whether the bill violates the rights of Americans.

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