Will the government have immediate access to EU recovery funds?

The Hungarian government is under pressure to raise prices, Gergely Gulyás, the prime minister’s chief of staff, said in today’s government information. He added that the government will continue to consider the possibility of extending price caps as long as the country’s oil and gas supply is safe.

In the current situation, the government must prioritize family protection over market logic, Gulyás said.

He said it was western

European, American and Arab oil companies that have benefited from the soaring prices in Western Europe.

Gulyas argued that the costs of oil mining remain the same, but prices are skyrocketing, so they are the true winners of the war.

Meanwhile, Gulyás said the government is reviewing a letter from the European Commission that activates the so-called conditional mechanism that links European Union funding to the rule of law, funding blocks and resilience facilities (RRFs). He said it would not hinder signing the offer agreement.

Goulash said there were certain areas in which the government did not compromise, and that it was an obligation determined by the outcome of recent parliamentary elections.Those problems

Includes the goal of Hungary not participating in the war in Ukraine,

He said he decided not to send weapons and soldiers to his northeastern neighbors, and that Hungary would not allow the Hungarians to pay the price of the war.

In connection with the EC’s letter, Gulyás said that all the issues raised by the EC were “negotiated with the Commission for months.” “There is no problem that we do not have a common position or could not find a solution that is acceptable to both our government and the Commission,” Gulyás said.

He also said Wednesday’s cabinet meeting was the last meeting before the end of the current government mission, following the inauguration meeting of the new parliament convened on May 2. OK.

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