Will the Hungarian Millionaire Earn US $ 6.6 Million at His Beverly Park Mansion?

Interestingly, Martin Lawrence lived in an X-shaped mansion from 2001 to 2012. However, György Gattyán, the sixth wealthiest Hungarian with an estimated € 630 million in wealth, bought from real estate developer Bruce Makowsky, not from him. He paid US $ 26.4 million at the time, but today he sells for US $ 33 million. The neoclassical estate is located in Beverly Park, a guarded community in the mountains above Beverly Hills in Los Angeles.

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according to, Görgy Gattyán bought a luxury mansion last year and now wants to sell it for a net profit of US $ 6.6 million. Gattyán made his first millions in the online erotica industry instead of pornography. Gattyán is the founder and owner of, one of the world’s largest adult coming websites, founded in 2001.

After that, he started some successful businesses. He is the owner of the University of Kodrani in Hungary and co-founded the Primapimissima Award. In addition, Gattyán created Teqball, which is similar to table tennis but is one of the fastest growing sports in the world to play soccer. As previously reported, Teqball aims to be an Olympic sport and already has 138 national associations.

Amazing Beverly Park Mansion for the Elite

In 2022, he was a candidate for prime minister of one of Hungary’s youngest political parties, Megoldás Mozgalom (Solution Movement, MEMO for short), and was founded with his help. Opposition claims that MEMO was created solely to suck voters from them in the 2022 general election, but Gattyán and his party were able to collect 1.05 percent of the total votes.

Overall, Gattian wants to sell the Beverly Park mansion where comedian actor Martin Lawrence lived between 2001 and 2012. This mansion was built in 1992 in a white neoclassical style.7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, functional

“”Living space over 13,800 square feet on two levels.Additional structures include a 1,000-square-foot guesthouse that is currently functioning as a gym, as well as an attached four-car garage that is hidden behind the sides of the X-shaped dwelling.– Written by

Built on 2.2 acres of parcels, it features lush, well-maintained lawns and cobblestone motor courts. Visitors are welcomed by the columnar portico entrance, which is protected by a lion sculpture, and the double front entrance, which rises high. The interior has hardwood floors, chandeliers and a seamless indoor and outdoor environment.

Additional highlights

  • Double-height foyer decorated with marble floor
  • A winding wrought-iron staircase with a striking Salvatore Politzi stained glass skylight above
  • Living room with fireplace
  • Wood panel dining room
  • Cozy family room
  • Gourmand kitchen
  • Breakfast corner
  • Juliet balcony
  • Walk-in closet
  • Game room
  • wine cellar
  • movie theatre
  • Pool
  • Tennis court

Another room can be used as an office or reading area. In addition, the bath is equipped with a sauna, steam shower and deep soaking tub.

Agencies John Graumann and Adam Rosenfeld hold the list. here You can check out their gallery in the mansion.

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sauce: Will the Hungarian Millionaire Earn US $ 6.6 Million at His Beverly Park Mansion?

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