Will the novelty light disappear from Budapest? !!

To reduce “Budapest’s energy demand”, the mayor will introduce dramatic new changes in the Hungarian capital. Therefore, the decorative lighting in Budapest is shortened at night. As a result, the Hungarian capital will be darkened at 10 pm or 11 pm. This summer. Is this measure really worth the money? What kind of impression do you have for tourists visiting Budapest?

According to Mayor Gergely Karácssonu, “investing in green and sustainability” in Hungary has been delayed for the past decade, making it even more difficult to deal with the climate crisis. In his post, he pointed out that Budapest saw the second-largest rise in average temperature in European cities in the last 50 years. The average temperature in Budapest is four degrees higher than it was half a century ago. At the Budapest Energy Summit, four proposals were made. One of them was the shortening of decorative lightning in Budapest. According to the announcement, this measure could bring significant savings to the “four days’ worth of street lighting” capital reported by Telex. As a result, the Hungarian capital will be darkened at 11 pm in the summer and 10 pm in the winter.

By making Budapest look like a dark and boring city, you can save 4 days’ worth of street lights, or 1% of the annual cost of street lights. But is it really worth it? !!As a news portal in Hungary Apart from its usefulness, it is reportedly necessary to take into account the fact that decorative lighting is part of the image of the capital. So to speak, it is one of its attractions. Older generations may remember the dark days when this feature was not yet part of the Budapest skyline. The city administration may have been able to cover the costs, but they wanted to set an example of energy conservation for the citizens.

It is a well-known fact that capital leaders are guided by a desire for exemplary austerity. We also want people to know the importance of energy saving through this measure. However, it is unclear how the newly introduced regulations will affect the inhabitants of Budapest and tourists visiting the Hungarian capital. The lack of decorative lighting makes the city much less attractive at night. In fact, it may even affect the success of tourism in the Hungarian capital.

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According to Gergely Karácsony, “The city never gets dark, but the lighting is finally modern!” The mayor of Budapest also said, “By upgrading the streetlights, the Hungarian capital is worth 130 days a year. And added that it can save energy in the city, and city dwellers will not notice this. “– Reporter Klubrá dió. In addition to energy modernization, transportation investment and vehicle exchanges to reduce energy and fuel consumption will continue with the promotion of energy independence. According to Gergely Karácsony, “It may sound overly ambitious, but it’s absolutely feasible.” The government wants to achieve that by 2030, Budapest’s utilities will be powered by the city’s energy.The mayor said the energy supply of the capital’s utilities was “independent of Russia, the government, or energy companies”-reported by Man dinner.

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