Eight Mile Rock, a 55-year-old Willis Baldwinroll “Bree” life and spirit celebration in Russelltown, will take place on Saturday, June 11, 2022 at 10am at the Community Holiness Church in Martintown.

Officers: Bishop Ricardo Grant, Rev., Assistant: Rev. Chandlen Grant LCJP, Rev. Everlet Stuart, Rev. Shirley Stubs

Burial: Harbor West Cemetery, Eight Mile Rock


Willis Baldwin’Bully’ Rolle died by:

Parents: Ellis and Elsaroll

Brothers: Mike, Troy, Cecil, Sydney Roll

All that was left to cherish his beloved memories was: his beloved wife: Ticia Roll, son: Kinaz Roll, daughters: Lucia, Balicia, Tiana and Avery Roll, adopted daughters: Sean Thai. Roll, Brothers: Leslie (Ruby), Stephen, Sterling Roll, Sisters: Linda and Scholna Eroll, Uncle: Gazelle Roll, Basil, Randy (Donna), Larry Jones, Carlos, Gary (Edith), Trevor Delancy, Aunt: Carnetta (Victor) Roll, Esther (Sherwood) Russell, Angela (Mark) Knowles, Jackie (James) Parker, Ether (Godfrey) Knowles, Patricia Dailey, Idalia (Dudley) Romer, Grand Aunt: Doris Smith, Sisters in Law : Stacy Rolle, Paula Bourbonias, Josee, Micheline, Ellesnore & Eunide, Brothers in Law: Remy, Etzer, Mark, Gerald, Michelle Dolce, Nephew: Ashan (Dennis) Sanders, Leslie (Werne), Jamari, Caelon, Jerome Kyle, Stephen Desmond, Ranald (Candice), Teriko (Karen), Terran Roll, Willa Gray, Niece: Raquell, Shazah, Leandra, Shakara, Sydney, Kentrelle Rolle, Trenicka, Dukes, Nashanta (Michael) Forrest, Grand Nephews and Nieces: Jieil, Zayden, Calvin, Landin, Ranardo Jr, De’Amiyah Sariah Asia, Amiyah, Laelah, Shakara, Trinity, Gem, Shakara, Ri-Nazhanae, Italiyah, Adopted Nephew and Niece: Travis Russell, Kurt Grant, DeAndre Hepburn, Floyd Gardiner, Shannon Cash, Ashley Williams and Tracy Palmer, God Children: Kai Forbes, Lavardo Outten, Andrew Jones, Dereka Cartwright, first cousin: Ch ris and Sigma Rolle, Gail and Flyod Smith, Beverly and John Curtis, Robin and Eugene Taylor, Lisa, Jermaine, Nicholas, Corey and Jean, Shelisa, Kizmet, Shuntnik, Calvis and Barbara Bartlett, Vince and Melissa, Java, Rabita Parker, With Filipa and Craig Turner, Preserita, Norma, Joan, Karen, Sabrina, Basil Jr., Dwight, Kathy, Nishka Jones, Melanie Hollingworth, Rashanda and Kevin Harvey, Deedre Farkhason, Kirklin and Liz Roll, Roger. Angela Roll, Trevor Roll, Lana McIntosh, Maureen, Marva, Asa Jr., Gary Jones, Tangenica Russell. Chantel and Michael Miller, Shaquanna and Ed Ross, Jamaal and Candice, Javard Russell, Lavar, Cassandra, Anya Jones, Jay, Willis and Julie Saunders, Mary Thompson, Victoria Pinder, Ruth Rolle, Tanya Gray, Lakaii and Marcia Knowles, Lakeiasha Wright. Lawanda Duncan, Latoya Jones, Valerie Poitier, Mary, Martha, Marcian Knowles, Teran, Tawana, Terez, Tia Romer.

Spiritual Family:

Bishop Ricardo and Mrs. Shandlen Grant, Rev. Shirley Stabbs, Rev. Darren and Rev. Lily Starap Everett Stuart and the Apostle Rita Stuart, Rev. Edmund and the Family of the Erica Munro Faith, Universal and Community Ministerial Alliance

Relatives and friends:

Rev. Agatha Martin, Patrenda Whyley, Ketara Carrie, Sandy King, Duswell J. Bevans JP and Sylvia, Paul Rochelle, Duswell Jr., Keith and Charlie Bevans, Diane Phillips, Beryl Stuart, Sierra. Forbes, Yvette Roll, Lisa, Javanna, Dway Stuart, Serry Jones, Don and Graham Forbes, Karen Campbell, Shora Jonesson, Kenny, Lenny, Perry, Cetara and Paddy Martin, Lotti Munro and Family, Becky Russell and Family, Carolyn Roll and Family, Brunel Wells and Family, Walter Parker and Family, Ludell Stuart, Carlton, Lionel, Kendal, Junniemae, Zerleane, Veda Martin, Kentley Martin and Family, Ronnalee and Eardley Saunders and Family, Meoshi Banks, Wayne Smith, Madlyn Carter and family, Trevor and Raslyn Miller, Connie Missick, Joanna Gardiner and Family, ReJoiner Martin, Floyd and Becky Gardiner, Rosena Johnson, Julian, Edmond, Carroll, Jerome, Joel, Pam, Lorna Natasha Russell, Ormond, Garry Russell, Etherlyn Rolle and Patrenda Brice, Patrice Cooper, Rufus and Sharon Johnson, Marva Williams, St acy Mycklewhyte, James Martin, Drexel Martin, Erma Monroe, Rev. Lindy and Nell Russell and Family, Olga Outten and Family, Sybiline Grant and family, Dental Roberts and Family, Mary Laing and family, Debbie and Barbara Hanna and family, Ruthmae Dames and Family, Carmeca Sands, Daslyn Mcqueen, Leta Wildgoose, Deon, Randell and Louie Russell, Georgia, Jana and Martha Rolle, Aquilla Stuart, Joseph Jones and Family, Valerie Moore and Family, Kenva, Sanford and Hilma Johnson, Lavita Fincher, Sheila Smith, Patty Russell and Family, Lucy, Sherman, Karen Murphy, Jackie Russell JP. , Orient Rolle and Family (West Palm Beach), Darlene Roberts, Stanford (West Palm Beach), Sabrina Moore (West Palm Beach), Melanie Russell (West Palm Beach), Audra Henfield and Family, Walter and Ken Forbes, Lavonda Nortelus, Marva Russell, Jackie Russell, Ethleyn Grant and Family, Pat and Jude Grant and Family, Inspector Edderson McSweeny, Sargent Natalie Knowles, Nurse Patricia Edgecombe, Trevor Lincifort, Edmond D Ames.

Special Friends: Walter Russell (Fort Lauderdale), Jason Martin, Fabian Stuart, Arlington (Ali) Outten, Wayne Roll, Jimmy Pinder, Derek and Eva Edwards, Walter and Justice of the Peace Helen Jones, Kathy Grant, Nurse Patrick Bison (Nigella) ), Mr. And Mrs. Da Cuna (India), Sandy Sawyer, Jennifer Hanna, Drexton Saunders, Administrator Christine Palacious, Franklyn Ambrister, Dr. Leviticus Rolle, Michelle Wreckley, Sandy Thompson, Jaslyn Simms, Vasco Johnson, Baldwin Forbes, Nikeal Stuart, Ann Miller, Rosco Kemp, Bruce, Barry, Brain, TJ, Beorah Smith, Paula Brown, Danny, Norma Pinder, Llewellyn Handfield Caikos).

Late family:

George, Karl, Rev. Raymond, Marcus, Henderson Jones, Rev. Ralph, Otis, Harris Russell, Amanda Adalie, Ettamegrant, Bernel Martin, Emma Bell Forbes, Glenn Bijl, Elmore Stuart Arnold, Randall, Samuel, Wilton, Luther Martin, Abigail Bain, Teresalig Bee Margaret Clark, Gloria Pinder, Alimel Danean (Abaco) Louise DeGregory, Edith Stuart and Family, Mizupa Forbes, Joel Wild Goose. Rolle’s theorem, Russell, Jones, Martin, Grants, Stuart, Bartlett, Wild Goose, Parker Family, Eight Mile Rock Community. EMR police station, Hong. Obediah Wilchcombe, Martintown Elementary School Teacher, Boys Brigade, Local Government, Urban Renewal Staff (2016), EMR Clinic Doctors and Nurses, Kidney Center Freeport, Jackson Memorial Hospital Doctors and Nurses, Palmetto General Hospital Miami, Florida .. The 1984 Grand Bahama Catholic High School and Eight Mile Rock High School classes, the Bahamas Customs Department, Nova Scotiabank, Freeport’s Rotaract Club, the entire Eight Mile Rock community, and many other family and friends cannot be mentioned.

Viewing will take place on Friday, June 10th at Eight Mile Rock’s Russell & Pinder’s funeral From 12:00 to 6:00 pm, and again from 9:00 on Saturday, June 11, 2022 to church worship time. WILLIS BALDWIN ROLLE  – Nassau Guardian

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