Winner of the 2022 Junior Street Art Challenge

The second edition of the Junior Street Art Challenge has ended and the winners have been announced. This is the person who took the top spot.

Junior Street Art Challenge, The Urban Art Competition Project, proposed by youth as part of the Joint Junior Project 2018-2019, has returned after a two-year hiatus for a pandemic, demonstrating serious up-and-coming talent.

Three teams participated in the competition and worked from Friday 17thth June to Monday 20th June, when the theme of this year is “The connection between animals and humans in the environment”.

The jury, consisting of UPAINT’s renowned street artist Riccardo De Caria, Vianord Engineering’s UPAINT sponsor, collectors José Giannotti and Paolo di Nola, is urged to choose the best of these excellent products. However, in the end, the winner was chosen.

Event organizers Alberto Coleman and Chloe Boscagli Leclercq have announced that Roufail Boughos, Miriam Boughos, Apollo Andriessen and Mathis Kheng will all be awarded first place by Lycée Albert Ier and Yann Vassallo by Lycée François. Of Assisi Nicholas Barre.

The second prize was given to the teams of Oscar Vita, Alvin Vita, Lorenzo Tognetti, Clement Bertrand and Hongsab Bek at Charles III University. Bronze also went to Maïa Milhiet and Chloé Lavagna at Charles III University.

Participants were presented with FNAC trophies and vouchers.

Like their professionally crafted counterparts, these works of art are auctioned to benefit the Albert II Foundation’s projects.




Photo by Riviera Chris



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