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Wintershall Dea closes business in Brazil

January 18, 2022

German oil company Wintershall Dea said on Monday that it had decided to close its current office in Rio de Janeiro after closing all operations in Brazil and taking all necessary steps.

“This decision is the result of a very thorough analysis of our global portfolio and evaluation of individual projects and how they fit into our long-term strategy.” Tiro Weland, Russia, Latin America, and members of the Wintershall Dea Board responsible for the transportation region explain.

“Wintershall Dea’s global production focus is on natural gas, which currently occupies about 70% of its portfolio. In addition, the company continues to produce oil in the most efficient and responsible way, using years of expertise. We are focusing on selected regions and projects that are in line with our ambitious climate goals. “

In Brazil, Wintershall Dea holds participation in a total of nine exploration licenses awarded to the company in the 2018 and 2019 bidding rounds across the Potiguar, Ceara, Campos and Santos basins. Commitment to licenses or other important financial obligations.

“We are very grateful for the good relationships we have built over the years with our business partners and Brazilian authorities and will work constructively to ensure a smooth transition,” said Wheeland. increase.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493578-wintershall-dea-ends-operations-in-brazil Wintershall Dea closes business in Brazil

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