Wiretapping: Ex-spy chief asked to attend secret hearings

Panagiotis Contreon, a former EYP director who recently resigned, was called to the hearing. [InTime News]

Nine people, including four former intelligence chiefs, were asked to attend a closed-door hearing in Congress regarding the wiretapping of the National Intelligence Agency (EYP) and PASOK-Movement for Change leader Nikos Androulakis.

The Congressional Committee on Institutions and Transparency called a hearing on Thursday.

The committee called on current EYP director Themistoklis Demiris and former directors Panagiotis Kontoleon (who recently resigned), Yiannis Roubatis and Theodoros Daravillas. Appeal to prosecutors Vassiliki Vracho (who approved the tapping of Androurakis’ phone) and Konstantinos Tsaveras. Grigoris Dimitriadis, former secretary-general and nephew of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who recently resigned. He is Christos Rammos, President of the Greek Communications Security and Privacy Authority (ADAE).

State Minister Georgios Gerapetritis will also attend the confidential hearing.

Committee hearings are separate from committees. A special inquiry committee into the Androulakis case voted to be set up by parliamentarians on Monday. [AMNA] Wiretapping: Ex-spy chief asked to attend secret hearings

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