With Formal Omission, European Courts Probably Won’t Fine Bulgaria for Dirty Air –

european court Perhaps the European Commission will ban imposing fines Bulgaria for dirty air. This is clear from the opinion released Friday by the Attorney General. courtLegal Advisor to and whose opinions are almost always defended.

According to the Attorney General, the European Commissionnot sufficiently substantiate the claim that Bulgariathe plan of air Does not contain information required under the Air Quality Directive air“.

For this, “There is no reason to decide on periodic asset sanctions, but on February 9, 2019 (when the Commission Bulgaria) is not appropriate as far as Bulgaria Better to invest scarce resources in improving ambient air quality“.

On May 31st, the European Commission lodged a complaint with the EU. court justice for Bulgaria for failure to comply with court2017 decision found that it does not comply with European standards for ambient temperature. air Endanger public health.

The Commission argued that BulgariaFailure to systematically and consistently comply with the maximum permissible value for dust particles (DP10) and adequate measures were not taken to ensure that the period of overshoot was as short as possible “.

Therefore, the Committee court to determine are you OK imposed on countries that deviate from European law.

However, according to the Prosecutor General, the European Commission has made significant omissions in the official notice defining the subject of the dispute with the Bulgarian authorities.Dust contamination continued courtInstead, she indicated exceeding the limit standards in 2015 and 2016, which is not the subject of this case.

Bulgaria Not yet compliant

At the same time, he admits that: Bulgaria implement the decision, air Notably, no national program to improve air quality had been adopted by February 2019, when the European Commission was assessing the situation. air The same applies to the replacement of some heating installations, as well as regulations on the construction and fuel quality of heating stoves for solid fuels.

The Attorney General therefore argues that the Commission’s argument is that Bulgaria should be partially accepted, court Ruling that Sofia continued to fail to comply with its obligations to implement European law air Quality Directive courtFirst decision on April 5, 2017.

Why did the European Commission want to are you OK Bulgaria?

The European Commission Bulgaria I will be fined.”3 years or more after decision court) compliance with the maximum permissible values ​​defined in the Directive is not yet guaranteed. air Quality monitoring zones and agglomerations.

According to Brussels,”The results achieved so far are unsatisfactory. Bulgaria We have not actually started implementing measures to ensure compliance with the maximum allowed values. The country reports that most measures are either in preparation or about to be implemented, and will not be implemented until 2024..”

The Commission said:Some of the most severe exceedances in the EU of the annual and daily maximum permissible values ​​of DP10 have been observed Bulgariaresulting in risks to population health“.

It is noted that the daily limit is exceeded for 90 days a year, or more than 2.5 times the value allowed by the European Directive.

in the coming months, court of the EU Bulgaria Against the European Commission on Air Purity.

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