Wizz Air operates the first green demonstration flight between Bucharest and Lyon – Romanian Journal

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Wizz Air’s low-cost carrier operated its first green demonstration flight on a special route between Bucharest and Lyon. Operation meant partial use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The flight departs from Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest, including more sustainable practices on board, as part of the joint efforts of major airlines and on the occasion of the European Union’s “Connecting Europe Days 2022”, Lyon Saint Exupery. I landed at the airport. Sustainable Mobility Conference.

A green demonstration operation using partially sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), taken to the next level through the durable aviation staple Airbus A321neo aircraft, is a crucial moment for Wizz Air and the aviation industry. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a blend of traditional aviation fuel and biojet fuel, made from waste and residues from the circular economy and can reduce CO.2 Emissions up to 90% over the entire life cycle. During the demonstration, Wizz Air took a 4.5 tonnes of SAF fuel blend (supplied from spent cooking oil) consisting of 30% pure SAF and 70% jet A1 fuel. This allowed Wizz Air to achieve the lowest possible emissions per passenger kilometer in Europe among the airlines participating in this sustainable initiative. WIZZ flew with a 14.2% blend of SAF, resulting in CO2 12.8% emission reduction. Airlines are already using a fleet of efficient world-class engines and aircraft that are essential for low emissions. Wizz Air is one of the youngest fleets in Europe, with an average fleet age of 4.93 years and is proud to continue to improve and reduce by 2024 to 3.6 years and then by 2026 to 3.2 years. increase.

This is a more environmentally friendly flight with respect to the in-flight services offered, demonstrating the ability to implement sustainable aviation at all levels of the travel experience while providing superior service to passengers. During the flight, journalists, influencers, crew, and all passengers will learn more about Wizz Air’s environmental program directly from Wizz Air’s Chief People and ESG Officer Johann Aidhagen, furthering their environmental footprint when choosing a flight. I found a way to reduce it. The flight captain also shared details about Wizz Air’s existing fuel-saving initiatives that contribute to the performance of Wizz Air’s industry-leading carbon strength. Wizz Air encouraged passengers to travel with as light a baggage as possible, collect recyclable waste on board, and choose from vegan meal options.

Wizz Air will be available at the beginning of 2022, “Fly the Greenest” motion. And just two days ago, on June 27, Wizz Air was recognized as the “Most Sustainable Low-Cost Airline” at the World Finance Sustainability Awards 2022, published in the summer issue of World Finance magazine this year. In its fourth year, the World Finance Sustainability Awards celebrate companies’ efforts in the business arena in putting green value at the forefront of business operations.

Passengers traveling with Wizz Air have CO2 On average, a footprint of only 57.2 grams per kilometer of passengers (before COVID). European CO if all airlines are just as efficient2 Emissions from aviation will be reduced by 34%. In addition to the modern fleet, Wizz Air does not fly half-empty planes, does not have business class seats, and only flies direct routes. Therefore, avoid unnecessary pollution and adopt low emission transportation.

Johan Eidhagen, Chief People and ESG Officer at Wizz Air, said:: “Wizz Air is Europe’s fastest growing airline, with an ambitious growth strategy and plans to expand its fleet and team of dedicated pilots and crew. We strive to serve more and more passengers every day and continue to provide affordable travel to everyone in the most sustainable way. Today, we are EU’s “Connecting Europe Days” Sustainable. I flew with the first Green Demonstration flight from Bucharest to Lyon in anticipation of a great mobility conference. This special flight demonstrates our commitment to a more environmentally friendly future in the aviation sector. We would like to thank all our colleagues for their efforts to make Wizz Air one of the most sustainable airlines in Europe, and all the passengers who chose the most environmentally friendly flight every day. “ Wizz Air operates the first green demonstration flight between Bucharest and Lyon – Romanian Journal

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