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Women in the tech industry: ServiceNow’s Cathy Mauzaize

From navigating complex organizations to the need to prioritize customers and the crucial importance of a strong and ambitious team, we’ve learned a lot from our 20 years in the tech industry. But perhaps the most important lesson I’ve learned in recent years is that digital transformation is more than just a technical debate. This is a discussion of business outcomes that are judged solely on the value that technology can provide.

Digitalization is driving corporate growth in changing how it changes its business, how it interacts with its employees, how it responds to customers, and how it drives operations. My goal is primarily to put the customer at the center of everything and bring strategic value to the customer.

The Middle East is my super-growth region and we believe that thanks to our market equations, the Middle East will be ServiceNow’s fastest growth engine.

As a senior female leader, it is very important for me to give back and create a place for up-and-coming women to take the stage. We cannot deny that we are in a world dominated by men. But being a woman gives me a different prism in that it is unique and creates different kinds of connections. When I was young, it was difficult and there were challenges. That is why it is important to create a space and push and support other women. We need to create a truly diverse environment in which men support men to promote women in this technology industry.

Attracting women in the technology industry is one of the biggest challenges. It is necessary to create a diverse space of flexible and hybrid work environment. Flexible working styles are very important when women need to embrace their families and careers. We also encourage ourselves to provide such an environment for everyone.

Leaders, whether male or female, need to push younger females into STEM. The technology industry needs female workers. The image of technology is not behind computer coding, but in front of customers and partners. There is ample space for technology for women to embrace this career.

My goal as a woman is to convey this message more than ever. Personally, I spend a lot of time talking about the diversity of forums, women’s forums, webins, and ministries. As a company, ServiceNow supports and creates an open environment and respects and supports diversity. We are considering expanding our talent pool to create a comfortable environment for remote and hybrid work models. We also try to respect everyone in every background and job.

https://gulfbusiness.com/women-in-tech-servicenows-cathy-mauzaize/ Women in the tech industry: ServiceNow’s Cathy Mauzaize

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