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The Norwegian women’s soccer team is back in action after resolving a long battle with star player Adahegelberg, severely injuring his knees and placing captain Marlenmjerde. Norway defeated Kosovo late last week and Poland this week, and the players finally smiled again.

Football star Ada Hegelberg is finally playing again with the Norwegian flag on her shirt. Photo: NFF

Hegerberg’s return was the most noticeable and media headline.Lyon star named European The best female soccer player of 2018, And right after that, the best in the world Angry to quit the Norwegian national team A year ago when I couldn’t compete in the European Championships in 2017. She blew up Norwegian football leadership at the time, especially Martin Sjogren, the female head coach, and complained that the female team had too little support and the results were not good. Sufficient.

Sjogren, however Lead the team to the 2020 World Cup. leave Bystander Hegelberg.. However, she continued to insist that she missed playing in Norway, but she did not miss playing in the Norwegian Football Federation (NFF).

But last week, Hegelberg finally returned after years of negotiations. Lise Klaveness, NFF’s candid president.. Hegerberg agreed to return to Sjogren’s coaching, which worked very well. She scored three times against Kosovo (Norway won with a score of 5-1) in last week’s World Cup qualifying, and Norway also beat Poland on Tuesday. 2-1 at the home ground of Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo. Hegerberg did not score, but Norway leads the World Cup qualifying group, followed by Belgium in second place, Poland, Albania, Kosovo and Armenia.

Both Hegelberg and Sjogren faced reporters Together at the qualifying press conference, Hegelberg said, “If things hadn’t come to the point where things would have gone well, I wouldn’t have been sitting here today.” Sjogren said that he “learned a lot” from all of them, “what was done”, “may have been treated differently” five years ago, and It was revealed that everything was new.

The details of the negotiations were largely obscured, but Sjogren frankly said the Norwegian team “needs her” and agreed on how everything would work together in the coming months. Stated. The next qualifying will not be until next fall.

Hegelberg praised Lyon but blamed the Norwegian national team. Now she is back for her next year’s World Cup.Photo: Wikipedia

Hegerberg’s teammate, along with Caroline Graham Hansen (playing professionally in Barcelona), seems to be pleased with her return, telling the news agency NTB: She is happy she is back. She is Ada always a great person in the group, she not only smiles and laughs, but also makes demands and works hard. Graham Hansen said regaining top-class players was a “big boost.”

Team captain Maren Myerde is back After a long recovery period from a knee injury that still plagues her. Myerde, who plays professionally in Chelsea, has been unable to play for the national team for nearly a year and a half. Her comeback was even more difficult last week after a positive coronavirus test, but she attended a weekend training session, at least aiming to replace the match against Poland. ..

“It’s important to get Malen back on the field, but we need to take her situation into account,” Sjogren said before the Polish match. “She was isolated and couldn’t train, she couldn’t play much in Chelsea. After she talked to her club, we agreed she couldn’t play the whole match yet.”

Myelde admitted that his knees would never be as good as they once were. “But now it’s much better.” So is the entire national team, who will meet again this fall to win more qualifiers for next year’s World Cup. Berglund Women’s Soccer Team Reunites | Norwegian News in English —

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