“Wonder Dance” encourages authors to write bilingual English – a book for children in Croatia

Wonder Dance: Čudnova tips

Overcoming many challenges with the power of dance was the inspiration behind Martina Omejec’s popular children’s book.

Title book “Wonder Dance” or Croatian “Čudnova tips” is a moving bilingual, Croatian and English story about a little boy and his grandpa.

Martina, an eight-year-old mother from Zagreb, says she teaches children how to deal with feelings of sadness and dissatisfaction through a form of relaxation that both children and adults enjoy, based on her own experience. Masu – Dance.

Wonder Dance: Čudnova tips

“”Wonder Dance: Čudnova tips It helps children relax and awaken their happiness and foster a positive attitude towards new challenges, “Martina says before telling her story.

“I experienced some challenges myself a few years ago when no one could diagnose my illness. I visited many Western medicine doctors in Croatia, Slovenia and Switzerland. But no one knew what was wrong with me. I also visited many alternative doctors and most of them helped me feel better and give birth to my firstborn in my 40s. It didn’t help until I met a Chinese woman. Later, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and sacroiliac osteosis, “she says.

One of the healing activities she was taught by a Chinese woman was “Wonder Dance”.

“It helped me get out of the depression I was feeling because of an illness that no one knew my name. I’m doing relaxation dance to this day. It helps me relax and open up new possibilities. I felt the need to share my knowledge of the technique with others, especially my children. I think it would be a great help as we get older if we adopt a positive approach as a young person. ” increase.

This book is for “children” between the ages of 5 and 95, is published on Amazon, and the Croatian version is available at Croatian bookstores.

Wonder Dance: Bookstore Čudnova tips

“This book sells very well in Croatia because this theme is very interesting in today’s world of rapid change, where children and adults can’t get used to it so quickly,” Martina said. I will add.

Wonder Dance: Čudnova tips We have also received impressive reviews.

“This children’s picture book is very interesting and fascinating. First of all, I like the story being written in both Croatian and English. In this way, the children are in two languages. You can increase your vocabulary with. Also, it should be emphasized that the illustrations are attractive and colorful and can attract the attention of children throughout the story. As for the plot itself, I have an idea conveyed. We all have a lot of problems because we can get into difficult situations. However, in such cases it is essential to maintain a positive attitude. We need to vibrate positively. Yes, one way to do that is to dance. And this story emphasizes the importance of ecology, which says it’s important to teach children environmental considerations from an early age. I think it’s a big plus, “says one reviewer.

Wonder Dance: Bookstore Čudnova tips

Details of this book and how to get a copy from this link:

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