Wordle music spinoff Heardle: What is it? How do you play

Wordle The five-letter word game that swept the world has been popular for several months after its release. This game has influenced countless spin-offs and has gained a lot of followers.

One of these spin-offs hurdle — Music version Wordle This leaves the player to guess the mysterious song of the day, selected from the pool of the most streamed songs of the last decade. Dezalet News report. You will be given 6 trials to guess the song. Each false guess reveals a second from the song’s intro.

Recently, the app WordTips We analyzed the data on Twitter to find the best country, city, or state to solve the mysterious song of the day.Here are some important points studyWas emailed to Dezalet News.

Main findings on hurdles

  • Ireland is the best country to play hurdles with an average estimate of 1.73.
  • Nashville is called “Music City” for good reason. It is the best city in the United States when it comes to playing hurdles, with an average score of 1.74.
  • So far, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is the most easily identifiable song on the hurdle, with players receiving an average of 1.13 guesses.

Which state is the best hurdle?

Delaware is the best ever to play hurdles, with an average score of 1.46, beating all the states, cities and nations of the world.

According to a hurdle survey, the 10 best states in music games are:

  • Delaware — 1.46
  • Hawaii and Iowa — 1.56
  • New Hampshire — 1.57
  • Maine and Arizona — 1.78
  • Vermont — 1.80
  • New Jersey and Missouri — 1.83
  • Tennessee — 1.84

How about Utah? : Utah is at the bottom of the hurdle spectrum with an average score of 2.40. It is one of four states in the range 2.21 to 2.46.

Which condition was the worst? : Montana came last with an average guess rate of 2.71.

Which is the best city on the hurdle?

  • Nashville, Tennessee — 1.74
  • Austin, Texas — 1.82
  • Atlanta, Georgia — 1.84
  • Charlotte, NC — 1.87
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota — 1.90
  • Cleveland, Ohio — 1.92
  • Las Vegas, Nevada — 1.92
  • Detroit, Michigan — 1.93
  • Los Angeles, CA — 1.95
  • Seattle, WA — 1.96

Hurdle is a global phenomenon

The hurdle is a global phenomenon, with players ranging from Ireland to Venezuela, South Africa and Taiwan. The United States is the eighth best country in solving hurdles, after Ireland, France, Belgium, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.

What is the most difficult song to guess by hurdle?

According to research, Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” has been the most difficult song to identify by hurdle so far, with an average estimate of 3.14.

Contains other challenging songs:

  • Mark Ronson’s “Valery” featuring Amy Winehouse.
  • Daft Punk’s “stronger, better, faster, stronger”.
  • Linkin Park’s “Numb”.
  • Wheatas’s “Teenage Dirtbag”.
  • Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven”.

And the simplest song …

Some of the songs that are easy to identify (all with an average estimate of less than 2) include:

  • Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.
  • Coldplay’s “The Scientist”.
  • Whitney Houston’s “I want to dance with someone”.
  • Fleetwood Mac’s “dream”.
  • Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”.

The hurdle has its own spin-off

The hurdles influenced several unique spin-offs, including a version dedicated to the band Muse and Paramore, Taylor Swift. New musical express magazine.

visit WordTips research For additional information.

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