Work begins on the carnival GB port

Freeport, Grand Bahamas-Carnival Cruise Line began construction yesterday at the $ 200 million cruise port in East Grand Bahamas.

The project is expected to bring 1,000 full-time jobs and hundreds of construction jobs on the island.

“… It’s expected to be completed by the end of 2024,” Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy told reporters following the ceremony in the East Grand Bahamas.

“Today was not only a celebration and a breakthrough, but also the first day of construction. Therefore, the construction process will begin soon.”

The port is expected to promote Mardi Gras, the largest carnival vessel. The Mardi Gras is an XL class vessel, 345 meters with 6,600 passengers.

According to Duffy, the new port will be able to accommodate two ships at a time.

“This is a great opportunity not only for Carnival Cruise Line and guests, but also for Grand Bahama, who is in a position to welcome these guests at a unique and new destination port,” she said.

Duffy continues: “One million guests visit each year and multiple vessels are scheduled to call at the port each week, so Carnival Cruise Line is known to maintain most of its fleet in the United States all year round. We will continue to operate for 12 months a year to bring guests to this port. “

She said Cruise Line bought 329 acres for the project. According to Duffy, 30 percent of these acres will be maintained as protected areas.

The new cruise port has a pool, a mile beach, a cabana and a dining area.

According to Duffy, guests will be able to purchase tour tours to Freeport.

In September 2019, Carnival signed an agreement with the government on the development of a new port. Construction of the project was scheduled to begin in 2020, but construction was postponed as the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the global tourism and cruise industry.

The previous administration was voted absent because it did not approve the environmental permits needed to move the project forward. These permits were granted shortly after the Davis administration was inaugurated.

‘Grand new day


The Carnival Project represents a major investment in Grand Bahama’s economy, making the island “ready for the future as one of the region’s main destinations and heading to the forefront.” I am informing the world of that. Chester Cooper said.

“If you have any doubts, you’ll tell the global community that the Grand Bahamas, and in fact the Bahamas, are open,” he said.

Cooper said the government considers the project a priority and guarantees entrepreneurial opportunities as well as work for the Bahamans.

“The Carnival understands that the success of bringing passengers here means the success of the Grand Bahamas,” Cooper said.

“The beauty of the Grand Bahama, the warm and friendly people, and our commitment to providing a safe, enjoyable and diverse experience for those who come here signify the continued success of the Carnival.”

Prime Minister Phillip Davis said the project shows that the island’s economy is “on the rise.”

“Magic is back in the city of magic,” he said at the groundbreaking ceremony.

“We are fully looking forward to the Carnival Cruise Port for the re-emergence of the Grand Bahama economy. This is certainly … a new day for the Grand Bahamian.”

Davis said the carnival has played an important role in the Bahamas’ economy for decades.

He said it would continue to contribute to the Bahamas’ tourism industry for years to come.

“Thanks to Carnival’s leadership and innovative spirit, with them at the ports of call of Nassau, Grand Bahama, Bimini, Half Moon Caye and Princess to provide visitors to our country a world-class experience. We were able to partner. K’s, “said the Prime Minister.

“The Carnival has shown what the geographically diverse Bahamas-wide investment would look like if done effectively. With this new venture, Grand Bahama will be another major development of the Carnival team. It is set to benefit from courtesy.

“The Bahamas government welcomes the $ 200 million investment in Grand Bahama by the Carnival Cruise Line as a sign of a true economic partnership with Grand Bahama.”

Arnold Donald, President and Chief Executive Officer of Carnival Corporation, said the investment shows that Carnival is confident in the future of the company and the people of the Grand Bahama.

He said the company had signed a contract earlier this week to build two new dry docks at the Grand Bahama Shipyard.

“”[They] It should be operational in the field by 2024, “says Donald.

“These are one of the largest floating dry docks ever built, ensuring a bright future for the Grand Bahama and helping the Bahamans create great jobs.” Work begins on the carnival GB port

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