Worker died in an accident at the Minister of Justice’s villa-English

(ANSA)-May 3 Rome-On Tuesday, a foreign worker around the age of 40 was crushed by a girder and died at the construction site of Marta Cartabia’s second home in Olomont, near Aosta. In Italy.

“I am shocked and suffering from the accident at the mountain house,” said the minister, who was one of the ministers at the forefront of the fight to stop the flow of death.

Four other workers, including one from the Roman Ministry of Foreign Affairs, died in the job last week.

The government has taken some steps to stop the flow of death, but a year ago the death of Luana D’Orazio, the 22-year-old mother of a 5-year-old boy, drew public attention. The accident at a textile factory near Prato on May 3, 2021 continued unabated.

The recent death toll was the latest in the shocking wave of deaths from occupational accidents in Italy, which killed 1,221 people last year and spurred government action.

Cartabia said on October 22 that such death was a national tragedy.

She said the government intervened by increasing the number of inspectors and checks, but new legislation on administrative responsibility would help stop the rash of the dead.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on October 17 that workplace safety standards recently approved by the government “cannot save (money) at the expense of workers’ lives” after four more deaths in one day. “A clear signal” was sent.

“As the government, we promised to do everything we could to prevent these episodes from happening again,” Draghi said.

“The norm is the fulfillment of this promise. We are pushing for computerization to increase the number of inspectors in the workplace, strengthen sanctions and improve checks.” Nevertheless, as the deaths continue. CGIL, CISL and UIL, Italy’s three major trade union coalitions, held a large-scale demonstration in Rome in mid-December, calling for further urgent action on health and safety to stop the flow of the dead.

Turin held a day on December 21st in memory of three workers who died when a large crane collapsed in a northern city last weekend.

Re-elected President Sergio Mattarella said in his inaugural address in February that such deaths must be stopped, but Pope Francis has joined the choir against this phenomenon.

Worker safety and dignity enhance the quality of the work done, Francis tweeted last Thursday prior to the Worker’s Day holiday on May 1st.

“Working safely allows everyone to express their best while earning bread every day. I am convinced that the more we pay attention to the dignity of our work, the better the quality and beauty of our work. “Masu,” Francis tweeted. @Pontifex.

The number of deaths from occupational accidents in Italy increased by 2.2% in the first quarter of 2022, accident insurance agency INAIL said last Thursday. (ANSA).

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