“Working in Monaco does not necessarily mean a high salary.”

In the face of rising inflation, our readers shared not only their feelings, but also their tips on how to maintain purchasing power.

Some employees previously they I didn’t feel the effects of inflation And even if working in Monaco is considered a “privilege”, other readers are more ambiguous.

Unfortunately, inflation in raw material and energy prices is the same for everyone, whether in France or Monaco.

nevertheless Betty She cautions “by choosing special offers”, even though she thinks “feeling the effects of inflation” and “working in Monaco is clearly an opportunity to grasp from a retirement perspective.” I’m paying.

Rent and transportation costs are a big expense for the reader. “I feel inflation has been hit, especially by the price of gasoline.” Another internet user says, “My purchasing power is included in my rent!” This is confirmed by an employee who says, “This area is very expensive, especially when it comes to housing, and accounts for half of my salary.” The other half goes on a tax and car trip. She concludes the message by saying “it’s getting worse.”

IsabelleBorn and raised in Monaco, he considers himself a middle class and mourns “is a victim of inflation and deals with it.” [she has to] reduce. “Another Internet user said,” Monegasque. [are] Although protected, the “children of the country” are not protected, even if they were born here and lived their lives.To deal with inflation, we don’t even care about looking at Monaco stores, we’re trying to recycle and buy second-hand goods. […] This is what saves us. “

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Natalie I also feel the impact of rising prices. “Unfortunately, inflation in raw material and energy prices is the same for everyone, whether in France or Monaco.”

Isabel shared some tips on how to reduce her outbound. For example, she states: [in Monaco]”And her” grocery shopping ” [she goes] To Italy, or to Menthone Ardi. ” Second, she reminds me of some common-sense measures, which are worth remembering. For example: Run the washing machine off-peak at night and turn off your TV and computer at bedtime. Regarding transportation, we advocate “carpooling to go shopping on foot as much as possible.”

Natalie saves money in much the same way as Isabel and Betty. “Carpool, buy long-lived products with special offers, cook at home as much as possible, and revisit insurance and phone contracts.”

How is Monaco’s salary?

Sylvain I would like to clarify that “working in Monaco does not necessarily mean a high salary.”to this Nicholas He replied, “I worked in Monaco.” OK, we may earn more there, but we work 39 hours a week, they can fire you overnight, and some work is like providing time , It’s a medieval dictatorship. “

Natalie confirms that good wages are “often 39 hours or more due to workload and working hours.”

Chris “My boss is in line with French wages, so it’s not that good.”

Stephan It summarizes the situation very well. “The impact of inflation depends on the wage grade. Carpooling and working from home not only help save fuel, but are also environmentally friendly.” “Working in Monaco does not necessarily mean a high salary.”

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