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Workshop to help women’s problems on social media

By Nawara Fattahova

Kuwait: The Association for Women’s Culture and Society held a workshop on “The Role of Digital Media in Supporting Women’s Problems” by Ashwak al-Mudaf, who gave advice and tips to convey a message to women. She started by using her social media tools to deliver messages about important issues.

“Social media tools are free to use. The woman has a message, but she hasn’t reached her goal because she doesn’t have enough knowledge and is using social media the wrong way. So today I am presenting this workshop to give them social media plans and tools to help them deliver their message, “Mudhaf said.

“Initially, we focus on telling you what the message is, how to define it, how to clarify it, how to explain it, when to post or publish it, and where (channel) it is. They are their performance. You need to know how to measure. Today, everyone knows that “what is measurable is manageable,” she added.

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or any other app, the number of followers doesn’t really matter. “The most important thing is who or how many people retweet or share the post. This ensures that the message reaches the desired goal. If you have 10 followers, reach 100 people. The number of followers is not a measure of the success of message delivery. The important thing is that my true followers passed the message. 10,000 followers who are not active and do not forward my message. It doesn’t mean that there are, probably these are fake followers, “Mudhaf explains.

“Users always have to care about all their followers. She has to respond to all their messages. If she receives a lot of direct messages and can’t respond to all of them, She can write in her biography at the top that she doesn’t respond to DMs. You have to deal with attackers and critics, but everything posted on the internet stays there forever and you are responsible. You need to be careful because you will bear the burden, “she pointed out.
“If you have a message you want to deliver, you need to make your account” business “or at least public to see the message. If you buy a fake follower, it will appear in your likes and comments. On Twitter, you always have to like your message, and on Instagram, you always have to pin your message to both feeds and highlights, “she explained.

The time to post a message is also important. “If you want to deliver a message, you need to post it after 6 pm. In our community, people aren’t morning people. The peak is between 6 pm and 9 pm. Friday is dead for Instagram. It’s a day, so don’t post on Friday, “Mudhaf said. To convey your message, you need specific goals. “We’ll go into the details. The more specific the details, the more realistic the goals. Goals without plans are dreams,” she said.

It takes energy to achieve all of this. “Good sleep, proper diet, and exercise are all important. Good sleep gives you 50% of your energy. Proper nutrition helps you achieve your plans, and people get enough water. You should drink, “Mudhaf concludes.

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