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The merger of the two iconic design names Knoll and Herman Miller has made Workspace Studio an authorized dealer of the Miller Knoll Group in Romania. In this way, Workspace Studio expands its portfolio with nearly 20 design brands, offering a complete offering of premium, ergonomic furniture and furniture solutions. With the expansion of scope, Workspace Studio addresses markets interested in high quality work in all areas, not only in office segment projects, but also in complex commercial and luxury residential projects.

This year, Workspace Studio Group is targeting sales of more than € 11 million, an increase of more than 10% compared to 2021.

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, office equipment has undergone significant changes, moving to functionality, space diversion, and collaboration workspace creation. Comfortable, non-formal, renting components from home and lounge designs such as sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and decorations, such as exciting creativity, innovation, mentoring and sharing of ideas. This trend is also seen in the opposite direction, with home office areas becoming clearer and larger in size.

Small space but focus on design and quality: iconic, high-end parts, average budget per workstation and increased floor space per employee

The process of employees returning to the office is supported by the organization through higher quality equipment, a trend that has been observed in recent years. In 2022, more space will be allocated to employees, resulting in more space and more openness, with a marked tendency to include premium design furniture, so-called statement pieces.

Although total office space has decreased by about on average. Due to the widespread adoption of hybrid work in 25%, the office layout has been redesigned for a small number of employees in the office. Therefore, the average surface area allocated per employee has increased to about 13-15 square meters. 10 square meters before the pandemic, the average budget reached € 1800 / workstation, an increase of 20% from 2021.

Individual workspaces occupy about 40% of the total office space, and more than half of the space is occupied by shared multipurpose spaces. These can play both formal and informal roles, including breakout spaces that are not uncommon in 2022 offices, where the concept of well-being is increasingly integrated into the lives of employees.

The last two years have brought about major changes, blurring the boundaries of the spaces in which we live and work. Most projects earlier this year had three key features: ergonomics, premium design, a mix of classic residential elements in the office area, and a residential office. We have set up offices in our organization’s offices in residential and residential-specific spaces such as libraries, living spaces, sports halls, and terraces. As a MillerKnoll Authorized Dealer, you can integrate Knoll and Herman Miller’s gorgeous and iconic design work with HAY, Muuto and many other brands of affordable quality work in a highly efficient way. And the result is a magnificent space that people want to enter, stimulating and stimulating creativity.– Managing Partner Workspace Studio’s Horațiu Didea said.

Bet on premium design in all office, residential and commercial market segments

With easy access to Herman Miller’s furniture and interior design brand suites, Workspace Studio is betting on increasing premium design adoption in all areas of the interior design market. In this regard, the company expects to increase its share of the project in the residential and commercial sectors. The housing sector, which has grown over the past two years from working from home, now produces 5-7% of the Group’s business. By the end of next year, premium and luxury commercial and housing development will generate 10-15% of Workspace Studio’s total business.

“Regardless of the socio-economic situation, Romania will continue to have a growing demand for high-quality designs over the next few years. People want outstanding high-quality works because they do not lose their value. MillerKnoll wants them not only as an investment in the classical sense, but also as an investment in comfort and well-being that they are increasingly concerned about. MillerKnoll is a sustainability, inclusiveness, and personal direction. We are dedicated to supporting high quality designs built on the basis of. “ – Horațiu Didea says.

The 17 names under MillerKnoll represent more than 100 years of design research, each with its own perspective and diverse and versatile product range that is sustainable in the residential, office and commercial segments. Brings a sustainable approach.

As of June, Workspace Studio’s leading brands include Knoll, Muuto, maharam, Geiger and Edelman, as well as Herman Miller, HAY, NoughtOne and Framery. As such, the Workspace Studio portfolio features ergonomic desks and chairs, sofas, armchairs, patio and garden furniture, lighting fixtures, partitions, acoustic solutions, acoustic enclosures, carpets, curtains, wallpaper and storage furniture. I am.

In the Romanian market, demand for luxury furniture is increasing in both offices and homes. In the B2B segment, this is not only a compensation for the total office space that shrinks as the labor market changes, but also the company’s desire to bring employees back to the office in an atypical and attractive space. The global merger of two major names in furniture design, Knoll and Herman Miller, has helped create an unparalleled collection of iconic brands and product portfolios in the international market.For us, this means we can provide full furniture services to our clients, whether we are talking about office, commercial or luxury home furniture.Horaceiu Didea, Managing Partner Workspace Studio has been added. Workspace Studio Becomes MillerKnoll Authorized Dealer and Expands Portfolio of Premium Furniture Brands – Romanian Journal

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