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World Champion Racer Nacelle Al-Raffique’s New Brand Identity Atiyah Face-Doha News

Rafeeq Al Darb, one of Qatar’s oldest distribution apps, announced a new brand identity in early 2022.

Rafeeq has announced world rally champion Nasser Al-Attiyah as a new brand ambassador. This is because the shipping service company has introduced a new look and new logo to the public.

With Al-Attiyah the face of the brand, Rafeeq wants its customers to associate champion driver speed and driving skills with the service. They also redesigned the company and incorporated purple and turquoise into the brand.

Rafeeq has partnered with internationally renowned racing driver Nasser bin Saleh Al-Attiyah to release a promotional video that tells the story behind the company’s new identity to officially mark the brand change campaign. ..

Apart from the new color combinations, Rafeeq has revamped the logo font in both English and Arabic and announced a new look campaign in both languages.

Abdullah Thamer Al Humaidi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rafeeq Al-Darb, commented on the rebranding of his company, saying: Our new identity opens new doors to our business. Rafeeq Al Darb Company, which launched a delivery service, now serves more than 3,000 restaurants and cafes. Our business has diversified in 2019, 2020 and 2021 ahead of our competitors in this area of ​​expertise. We were a pioneer in introducing new mechanisms into the world of online shopping through well-known influencers who are unique in presenting a variety of products and merchandise that are difficult to find in the local market. “

Al Hamidi added: “We turned our attention to entrepreneurship., We aim to set ourselves apart in our beloved country, Qatar, and add a special touch to the areas of retail, pharmacies, flowers and food trade. We are pleased with our partnership with Qatar Charity, which has strengthened our local partnership. The relationship with Almira is just as important. We are also happy to launch five branches, Rafiq Mart, so far. “

“We at Rafeeq are pleased with our partnership with national hero Nasser Al-Attiyah as a brand ambassador. We are particularly pleased that he is now in the final stages of the world’s most famous race, the Dakar Rally. “He said.

First launched in 2018, Rafeeq Al-Darb is the first 100% Qatar-owned delivery company to offer delivery services for restaurants, food and entertainment.

Last year, the company achieved an important milestone by expanding into Iraq and Jordan as well as other Gulf countries, making it a leading company in the field of entrepreneurship.

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