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World democracy must act to quell dictatorship, HRW warns

Watchdog’s latest report argues that increased oppression is a sign that the dictatorship is losing its grip as both civilian and political opposition grow stronger.

Dictatorship leaders faced a major backlash in 2021, but democracy will only flourish if their leaders do a better job of dealing with global problems, Human Rights Watch said. Rights Watch 2022 Word Report It was released on Thursday.

Rights groups said democratically elected officials need to take bold leadership in the face of challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic and the impending climate crisis.

In an essay introducing the 32nd edition of the report, which analyzes the status of rights around the world, group director Kenneth Ross said the increasingly oppressive actions of the dictatorship against protesters are a sign of despair. Said that his grip on power was weakening.

“There is a story that dictators dominate and democracy is declining,” Ross writes. “”[Yet] Looking at human rights trends over the last 12 months, it doesn’t look so rosy to dictators. “

“In China, Uganda, Poland, Myanmar, and many other places where oppressive governments are struggling to maintain their control, people who are often endangering their lives are often taken to the streets. By going, there is a lot of public support for democracy. “

HRW is an “impossible” opposition party willing to form an alliance to eliminate corrupt governments and challenge oppressive leaders as another sign of undermining the dictatorship. I mentioned the appearance.

Examples include the Czech Republic, where Andrej Babiš was defeated, and Israel, where Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year prime minister was over.

Moreover, dictators can no longer rely on manipulated elections to maintain power. Many countries, from Nicaragua to Russia, are resorting to “obvious election charades.” And while they guarantee the desired results, they ultimately do not give the required justification.

Democracy must provide

The report also focuses on recent military coups, including Myanmar and Sudan, and the emergence of leaders adjacent to dictatorships in Hungary, Poland, India, Brazil, and democracies such as the United States until last year.

Although former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 elections have failed, Ross warned that US democracy is still “clearly challenged today.”

In addition, HRW noted that the United States continues to provide weapons to countries with inadequate records of infringement, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It also highlighted the EU’s move to conclude an investment agreement with China, despite Beijing’s alleged use of Uighurs as forced labor.

Ross will be democratic if the government focuses on short-term political agendas, such as 2021, when the emergency issues of climate emergency, inequality, racial injustice and poverty were inadequately addressed. He emphasized that principle would not prosper.

“Our fear is that if democratic leaders do not stand up on that occasion, [and] Demonstrating the visionary leadership sought after today, they will create a sort of despair and frustration that is a fertile basis for dictators, “he warned.

Source: TRT World

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