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The Workers’ Party (WP) launched its TikTok space on Friday (August 5) with the first two videos on the account. @thehammertok.

Viewers can see WP’s ‘life and soul’ like never before

Nicole Seah, WP’s Youth Wing president, said viewers will get an unprecedented look at the WP’s “life and soul” and the hard work and dedication of its members and volunteers.

“It is imperative that we continue to genuinely engage with more Singaporeans and provide new avenues for Singaporeans to have their voices heard and expressed,” she said.

In their first video, former party leader Lo Chia Kiang tours the HDB playground in Anchorvale.

A second video posted later in the day also features Low, this time touring the roof garden of the Anchorvale Harvest HDB project.

low at the moment Are standing Sengkang Group Representative Constituency (GRC) MP Jamus Lim is currently absent for a three-week fellowship in the United States.

garden tour

In the 40-second video, WP invites viewers to “tag along” as Low tours the garden.

@thehammertok Get a lowdown on the roof garden check. What kind of edible plants can you find? #Senkan #anchor veil #wp #workersparty ♬ It’s a Beautiful Day – Evan McHugh

Lo observes garden plants, checks drainage systems, and warns volunteers to be aware of mosquito breeding grounds in the area.

behind the scenes

WP will use the new platform to communicate party updates, much like it does on other social media platforms.

On top of that, @thehammertok promises more light-hearted TikTok-exclusive content that will “not only entertain, but also inform and resonate with Singaporeans.”

Compared to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the party sees TikTok as “more visual, emotional, spontaneous, and story-driven.”

A WP spokesperson said: “We will use TikTok to take a more human and intimate look at the individuals who make up the life and soul of the party, from our passionate and dedicated volunteer core to our most senior executive leaders. I intend to,” he said. mothership.

However, WP shared that the “details” of what kind of content it will publish have yet to be fully fleshed out.

Their first video seemed to be well received, with over 17,300 views and 159 shares in the seven hours since it was posted around noon on August 5th.

Some commentators are happy that Low is in good health after retirement.

Some thanks to Low for the walkabout.

connect young people

“Young Singaporeans play a key role in influencing political discourse and shaping the future of the country. At TikTok, we strive to better understand their hopes, aspirations, and fears, build deeper bonds with them, become more politically engaged, and build a more balanced society. society,” WP media chair Leon Perera said in a statement to the media.

The party said it has had an influx of young, digitally savvy supporters and voters over the years, many of whom are also actively participating in political debates on social channels.

A WP spokesperson added:

“Creating our official TikTok profile has always been a continuation of our never-ending journey to engage Singaporeans, not necessarily the end goal of our social outreach.”

Chua said in the same statement that WP “remains true to its mission to connect with the issues facing local Singaporeans” and will continue to speak on their behalf regardless of new media emergence. .

in response to mothershipIn response to a question, a spokesperson said WP is evaluating the feasibility of other personal and professional profiles, including other social media channels.

Currently WP MP from Aljunied GRC Gerald Ziam When rim Both have personal TikTok accounts.

Giam posted its first video yesterday (August 4th). Lim hasn’t posted any videos yet.

The account was followed by @thehammertok.

Dealing with public scrutiny

When asked how they deal with criticism of the new account or memizing content on TikTok, a WP spokesperson responded:

“Public scrutiny is a given when you’re a politician. But we roll with our punches and stay authentic and relatable with our content. We know our intentions will always be the good ones among us.We seek political balance, foster healthy political competition, and create another voice to represent Singaporeans. will continue to grow.”

@thehammertok is a joint initiative between WP’s Youth Wing and a media team of volunteers aged 18-35.

In early March, the party’s Youth Wing also launched The Hammer Podcast on Spotify.

Viewers can expect WP’s 2022 National Day message to air on its TikTok page and see updates from its National Day dinner on Aug. 13.

Image via @thehammertok. WP TikTok reveals ‘never-before-seen’ content to party’s ‘life and soul’: Youth Wing President Nicole Sy – Mothership.SG

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