WSC probe “no witch hunt”

RIn response to a recent leaked investigation into a contract issued by the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC)’s internal compliance department under the Minis administration, WSC’s board consultant Loretta Butler Turner said yesterday that the board was about “political witch hunting.” Said not.

“This board is about truly effective and wise corporate governance,” said Butler Turner.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Phil Davis refused to address the issue specifically when he spoke with reporters yesterday.

“I’m not going to get into that,” said Davis, a groundbreaking bystander at FTX’s New Providence headquarters.

“Problems of that nature will be dealt with properly by the required authorities. I don’t want to touch it. Whatever is found, the chip will fall everywhere.”

Eyewitness News reported that the investigation revealed “clear conflicts of interest, lack of due diligence, and lack of expert judgment” in the management of WSC’s operations.

According to news reports, investigators raised issues in two projects that required ministerial approval, but the board’s records did not.

Concerns have been raised that the process of project initiation, management and payments was reportedly irregular.

The investigation also reportedly found that “evidence convinced the auditor that there was a high level of corrupt transaction that caused significant financial loss to the company.”

Butler Turner, the press liaison for the board, said the report had not yet been formally submitted to the board.

“This board will do whatever is wise to ensure that whatever recommendations are made to determine how best we can deal with them,” she said. Said.

The survey reportedly recommends a survey of several companies that have won contracts from companies.

Butler Turner said: [existed] From the perspective of wise corporate governance before their appointment, they have been very enthusiastic about many issues over the last four to five months.

“Often involves labor-related matters, which relate to the ongoing conservation and conservation of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, and to ensuring that resources and assets are protected and that they are there. Because … “

The new board was named last December.

Butler Turner said the company hasn’t completed the audit for two years.

“In fact, when this board was launched, there were two open audits,” she said.

“It was 2018 and 2019 that the previous board didn’t even approve. We recently looked at them to make sure it happened. As a company, an official audit is done every year, It should be submitted to Congress, so it will be four years now that such an audit has not been submitted to the House of Representatives.

“The job of the current board is to make sure that the two who were waiting for the board’s decision are doing what they are doing and that the two unresolved are complete.”

The WSC Board is chaired by North Eleuthera MP Sylvanus Petty and includes Vice-Chair Trajean Jadorette. Brent Ferguson; Alvin Sargent; and Christine Thompson. WSC probe “no witch hunt”

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