Xi Jinping critics launch a campaign against the Chinese president prior to the election

Beijing, June 23: Critics of President Xi Jinping have launched a campaign entitled “Jinping Campaign / Campaign to Defeat Xi Jinping” prior to the election because President Xi Jinping is trying to extend his presidency after 2023. The text of their account.

“On the eve of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party, this is the perfect time for us people to save ourselves, and perhaps even the last opportunity for the Chinese people. Xi’s campaign-style pandemic prevention measures nationwide. It caused unknown damage. ”Read the text of the campaign. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will effectively attend the BRICS Summit on the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping on June 23.

Large cities like Shanghai can be blocked at will, destroying the economy and causing many humanitarian disasters and unprecedented levels of anger. Currently, Xi is at his lowest point. He doesn’t know the absolute power and is under pressure. “

He added that people were angry with the Chinese president. “Currently, people’s dissatisfaction is boiling in China. People are anxious for change. Everyone is fed up with Xi and the international community is strongly opposed to Xi. Xi is with Ceausescu in Romania. Faced with the same fate. In the parliament, someone suddenly shouted, “Collapse with Ceausescu!” Thousands of people began to scream, and the administration soon ended. “

We encourage Chinese citizens to participate in the campaign by doing the following: 1. Take self-portraits and short videos with jade jewelry signs and photos and share them widely. 2. Create and share creative graphics / animations / videos about crimes against humanity in Xi. 3. Post and rotate the leaflets (be careful if you are in China). 4. Tell your friends and relatives about the current situation. Discourage law enforcement and military personnel from becoming accomplices to an evil government. 5. Invite your friends to the #DownXi Campaign / #JadeCampaign.

Critics of the campaign also asked people to track the Xi family and their minions for evidence of corruption and money laundering. Get in touch with all people in all fields and form a united force. When the time comes, join us in challenging the regime.

The timing of the campaign is interesting because it is just before Baydia. Looking at various media spaces such as Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, the campaign hasn’t slowed up yet, but chatter and content have been created, such as Twitter posts against Xi, and groups have been formed on Telegram. I did. The name of the campaign where people are sharing anti-Xi content such as Chinese poetry, and a poster calling for protests outside the Chinese diplomatic mission from July 1st to July 3rd.

Xi and non-mainstream media attending the 25th anniversary of the Handover of Hong Kong believe that Xi will not attend the ceremony for three reasons: 1. It is rumored that he is suffering from a cerebral aneurysm because of his illness. 2. There are still quite a few Covid cases in Hong Kong. 3. He will not want to leave the mainland at this important time, as the power struggle is hot now.

The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has proposed that the president and vice president of the People’s Republic of China remove the phrase “to serve for two consecutive terms” from the national constitution.

However, there are signs that the elementary school is looking for students to stay in the hotel quarantine for a week before their wedding anniversary next month. Perhaps Xi would like to attend this event. Because not attending signals his opponents against him and fuels more speculation.

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