Yilan County Chief Interrogates Corruption Case

Taipei, January 14 (CNA) Yilan County Justice of the Peace Lin Zi-miao a few hours from Yilan Prosecutor on Friday morning before being released without bail in a potential corruption and money laundering case I was cross-examined.

Lin left the Iranian Provincial Prosecutor’s Office at 9 am after being asked questions at 4 am. She just said “thank you” to the media gathered outside the office when she left and didn’t answer the question.

Hayashi was summoned by the public prosecutor’s office from Tuesday to question their possible role in several cases under investigation, including the Yilan County government’s land tax exemption case in Luodong Town in 2019. It is one of about 30 people.

Other cases include urban redevelopment plans for Luodong land plots in 2020, bids for annual banquet decorations at the Luodong office in 2019, and some allegations of property or property of unknown origin. It is related. -tsung said on Friday.

Liang said the question was intended to clarify whether there was corruption, money laundering, or other criminal activity.

According to the prosecution, Lin, a member of the opposition Kuomintang, was released on Friday without bail, although he was suspected of being suspected.

Wu Chao Ching, Deputy Director of the County Construction Bureau, and Wu Tung Yuan, Deputy Director of Agriculture of the County Agricultural Bureau, were detained on suspicion of benefiting from corruption. Said.

On Thursday, the Yilan County Public Prosecutor’s Office conducted an investigation at more than 30 locations, including the Yilan County Government and the Luodong Town Office, and questioned the county authorities.

The prosecution said the investigation was conducted in collaboration with officials from the Advanced Audio Coding Agency (AAC) under the Ministry of Justice, and the investigation warrant was approved by the county district court.

In addition to Lynn, AAC interviewed more than 20 people and sent them to the public prosecutor’s office to ask further questions from last night to early this morning. Most of them were released on Friday, but are under investigation.

(By Shen Ju-feng and William Yen)

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